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Center for Teaching & Learning: FAQ

What should I know about the CTL?

The Center for Teaching and Learning was originally two departments: the Office of Online and Blended Learning and the Office of Faculty Development. April 2017 was the first month of the CTL. We have two Instructional Designers, one State Authorization Coordinator, and a Director.

What services and technology does the CTL offer?

The CTL offers a variety of services for all faculty: workshops (especially for new faculty), consultations, video captioning, webinars, and more. The CTL has the Innovation Studio where our Instructional Designers record, edit, and finalize videos for course uses. We have available a teleprompter to help the recording process and a green screen to set the video backgrounds.

Does the CTL have a Facebook page?

Yes, we do. You can find it by following this link here. Like our page to find out about webinars we plan and the ones we host for other groups, events around campus, faculty accomplishments, programs, and any other announcements we have. Day-to-day posting is about promoting the teaching and learning environment.  Sometimes we add in things here that are too long to completely publish through our weekly email newsletter. Feel free to interact on our page, post to us, or message us!

What email newsletter?

Every week, unless the campus is closed, the CTL emails “Armstrong’s Faculty Features” newsletter. We do most of our announcing in this method. Shout outs to faculty accomplishments are typical, as well as any new programs that become available on campus (through us or another group) or that occur in the USG. New services, technology, events, or information are always circulated. We post a Magna Commons video to give a weekly update on teaching and learning insights.

Is there another way of getting information about the CTL?

Yes, we also have a new podcast series called Teach Strong, linked here. The transcripts are linked in the description section of every podcast, but are on our Teaching Resources page. The podcasts are 15-30 minutes long. Many subjects are teaching and learning related, but some introduce our staff and what they do here and our department’s message.

Are there things I don’t know about the CTL?

Many faculty are unaware that we also help with face-to-face courses, not just online or blended classes. We provide assistance with screencast software, like Camtasia, for PC or Mac users. We have a classroom we use for webinars and other events in room 207 that can be reserved and used by faculty individually or to host an event.

What should I be prepared for if I want to get my course QM certified?

Expect a 15-20 week time commitment. The QM review process is substantial and thorough, so it’s important to plan ahead. There are three stages:  First, you must receive approval and sign a contract. Second, you develop your course and only then do you go through the review stage. The review can last anywhere from 2-8 weeks, depending on revisions. For more information, visit our Online Course Development and Review page.