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Center for Teaching & Learning: FAQ

What is distance education? Is there federal funding for distance education programs?

The US Department of Education states that “Distance education is education that uses one or more technologies, which are specified in the definition, to deliver education to students who are separated from the instructor and to support regular and substantive interaction between the students and the instructor, either synchronously or asynchronously.” (US Department of Education - College Accreditation in the United States - Pg 12) Title IV funding is available for distance education programs as shared in Chapter 1 (page 20) of the Federal Student Aid HandbookPDF.

What types of distance education programs does Armstrong State University offer?

Armstrong offers online and blended programs. Online programs include all fully online courses.  A “fully online” course typically has 100% of all instructional delivery of class sessions provided via the internet or through the use of one or more technologies. In some courses, depending upon the program, a course may have 96% to 100% instructional delivery online with some limited, required face-to-face instructional delivery or engagement, but this would typically be for a required orientation, exam, etc. relating to licensing or accreditation requirements. Armstrong clearly identifies which courses require any type of face-to-face engagement. Blended programs include partially online courses but may also include some fully online courses. “Partially online courses” have 51% to 95% of instructional delivery of class sessions provided via the internet or through the use of one or more technologies. Therefore, students are required to come to campus or an approved site for some face-to-face instructional. Armstrong also offers fully online certificate programs. A full listing of Armstrong's online and blended programs will soon be available online.

Are Armstrong’s online and blended programs accredited?

All of Armstrong’s online and blended programs have been approved by the University System of Georgia and approved by the Southern Association for Colleges & Schools (SACS).

Is the quality of an online and blended program the same as an on-campus program?

The courses taught through Armstrong’s online and blended programs are the same high quality courses taught in Armstrong’s on-campus programs. The primary difference is the delivery format of the courses. Armstrong’s courses are developed and taught by world class faculty who are committed to academic excellence, rigor, and learning. When students graduate from one of Armstrong’s online and blended programs, there is nothing on the transcript identifying it as an online or blended program. Graduates from the online and blended programs receive the same diploma and are invited to participate in commencement.

Are online and blended students able to engage in co-curricular activities while enrolled at Armstrong?

Armstrong innovatively provides students in online and blended programs with opportunities to become engaged in co-curricular activities both on campus and online.  Online and blended students receive the same invitations as on-campus students to attend institutional events. Additionally, Armstrong has developed a myriad of events for students to engage in online using Collaborate and other online platforms.

Where can I find information about state authorization for distance education programs?

To learn more about Armstrong’s state authorization status, please click on the link below: