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Multicultural Affairs - Services

Armstrong encourages all of our underrepresented students to become fully engaged at their Institution and surrounding community in an effort to maximize the student’s overall potential.  OMA offers a number of unique services to better assist YOU throughout YOUR tenure at AASU.

Student Advocacy

We are here to provide as an objective listener to student issues and concerns.  Additionally, we are here to assist students in navigating through the process of campus life providing the necessary support in an effort to better assist the student in gaining the most from their Armstrong experience.

Academic Outreach

Academic Outreach is a vital component to OMA, and provides our office with the opportunity to address academic performance through guidance in study, retention, progression, and graduation.

Being in a new environment can be challenging, and often students don’t know where to turn when they have questions or need help.  That is why we are here!  We support current and prospective students by introducing them to available university resources, services, and academic advising. Our goal for our students is to strive toward academic excellence and attain leadership skills during their undergraduate journey.

Student Development

Cultural History and Heritage Month Celebrations

OMA Celebrates various heritage months though unique programs.  Heritage Month celebrations are inclusive of, but not limited to: Latino Heritage (September), Italian Heritage (October), Native American History (November), African-American History (February), Women’s Heritage and Gaelic Heritage (March), and Asian-Pacific History (April).  All committees are open to students interested in programming for these celebrations.  If there is a cultural celebration in which you’re interested in seeing on campus not currently represented, please feel free to contact our office.

Cultural Experiences

Travel and Conferences 

LGBTQ Initiatives 

Safe Space is a three-hour workshop to raise awareness and knowledge of LGBTQ issues and suggest ways to serve as an ally to LGBTQ individuals. Following the workshop, participants receive a Safe Space decal to display in their workspace, indicating to the campus community that they are knowledgeable and supportive allies.

Retention, Progression, and Graduation Programs 

HOLA | Hispanic Outreach & Leadership at Armstrong 

Provides student support services and cultural awareness programs to Hispanic/Latino students, which strengthen the collegiate experience of a diverse body of campus constituents and community partners.

MOVE | Men Of Vision and Excellence 

Provides a multifaceted support system for African-American males entering Armstrong as first year, full-time, college freshman. The goal of M.O.V.E. is to enhance retention, progression, and graduation by creating a culture of academic support and success.

HAH | Hermano A Hermano (Brother 2 Brother)  

Fosters a brotherhood that enhances academic excellence, encourages social engagement, and provides support for personal development for Latino male students. The program enhances the college experience of Latino males by optimizing academic success, retention, and graduation.

SAAS | Student African American Sisterhood 

Dedicated to unifying African American women through the development of a sisterhood of distinction. SAAS seeks to positively impact the lives of its members through creating supportive networks among African American females, encouraging and assisting with personal and professional development and providing strategies for educational attainment and success throughout the collegiate experience and beyond.