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Multicultural Affairs - About

The Purpose of OMA is to provide support services to underrepresented students, and to assist in the facilitation of their University Engagement. OMA provides services in the areas of Academic, Professional, and Social Development.

OMA is designed to interact and engage with the underrepresented Armstrong students through recruitment, retention, and graduation.  In addition to programs and services, we prioritize these goals through interpersonal one-on-one interaction. OMA symbolizes a safe haven for students and an area on campus that students can readily identify with and call their own.

In addition, all students are welcomed to use our student lounge and computers as needed. The lounge is located in Memorial College Center Room 211. 



To foster a culturally inclusive living and learning environment in which differences, as well as similarities, are respected and recognized in an effort to develop both civic and social responsibility within our Armstrong and surrounding communities


We envision a more welcoming and affirming community where individuals are afforded opportunities to participate in and explore their own cultural and special interests and still feel comfortable and accepted as an integral part of the University. We will design, orchestrate programs, and initiatives that address globally inclusive topics, diversity education, and cultural inclusion in an effort to engage all members in the process of community development.