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Mailroom - Services and Schedules

The mailroom receives and processes daily mail for all campus departments. The mailroom is for university related business and residential student mail only. The University does not assume responsibility or liability for personal items sent or received by the mailroom. University business related correspondence should not contain any cash or any material that is in conflict with University policies.

Departments must notify the mailroom by phone or email when package(s) are being delivered that may be hazardous, need refrigeration - frozen or special attention. The mailroom and the University are bound by US Postal Service (USPS) regulations regarding the handling of incoming and outgoing USPS mail, but the mailroom is not affiliated with the USPS nor does it provide the same services.

The Mailroom Does:

Delivery of Mail

Based on the timing of the pickup, schedules at the Post Office, and availability of the mailroom staff, they will deliver mail to and retrieve outgoing mail from campus departments once per day.

The mailroom staff are authorized to request and verify the recipient's identification for release of mail. Recipients may be required to sign for items.

Inter-office Mail

Interoffice mail must have the name of the person and the department receiving the mail clearly marked on the face of the mail.

Forwarding Mail

The University does not pay postage to forward mail for faculty, staff or students. Faculty, staff and students who wish to have mail forwarded must provide self-addressed printed labels. The University will forward mail for three months after the closure of a mailbox; once that time has passed all mail will be returned to the Post Office for proper handling. It is the box holder’s responsibility to change addresses with senders to ensure the mail will reach its final destination. Faculty, staff and students who do not provide forwarding labels will have their mail returned to the Post Office for processing.

Undeliverable Packages

There are certain circumstances in which the USPS, FedEx and UPS will consider a package undeliverable. Undeliverable packages include those where: the recipient refuses to accept or pay for the package, the contents or packaging are damaged beyond repackaging, the shipment contains prohibited items, could cause injury, was improperly packaged, or no appropriate person was available to accept the package.

Armstrong reserves the right to dispose of undeliverable packages with or without notice to the shipper. Mail that is undeliverable will be handled based on the individual item. First Class mail, Presort Standard with Return Service Requested, and subscription magazines will be returned to the Post Office. All others will be destroyed by the mailroom.