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Learning Support

Learning Support courses provide academic assistance to prepare students for college-level work. Foundations level Learning Support courses are offered in English and Math.  Support level courses are offered conjunction with (also called co-remediation) Core Area A English and Mathematics courses.  All students are screened for learning support placement, but you are most likely to be required to take a learning support course if you are a limited admit student (admitted by the holistic review team due to lower grades or test scores than our regular admission criteria); a Presidential exception student, or an adult student who has been away from school for many years.

Eligibility for Learning Support courses is determined by the student’s English or Math Placement Index, which is calculated by a formula that considers high school GPA, SAT or ACT scores and COMPASS scores (if taken).  There is no exact score on the COMPASS, SAT or ACT that will exempt you from Learning Support as the placement index also takes into account GPA, if available.  

Compass Exam (to be replaced with Accuplacer Exam in Fall 2016)

The COMPASS exam is given as part of admissions for all students who have not earned 30 transferrable hours and do not have SAT or ACT scores less than 7 years old.  Students with more than 30 hours MUST submit test scores or take the COMPASS exam if they have not passed the equivalent of ENGL 1101 and MATH 1001 or MATH 1111 at their previous institution.

A student may be required to enroll in one or more Learning Support courses based on the student’s English and Math placement index. Students required to take Learning Support courses must do so during their first semester. Students must make reasonable progress in completing Learning Support requirements to continue enrollment at the university.  Learning Support courses carry institutional credit, but hours earned in those courses do not apply to degree requirements. Students taking foundations level learning support courses in Math will not be permitted to take any credit courses which require the content or skills of the core course as a prerequisite.

Learning Support Course Placement Requirements

MATH 1001 Core A goal

MATH 1111 Core A goal

ENGLISH Core placement requirements

Special Notes