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IT Services: Wireless FAQ

IT Services has updated the wireless network system for students, faculty, and staff to access one network and only require a one-time setup for each device. The wireless network uses WPA2 Enterprise (Wi-Fi Protected Access) for authentication and encryption.

Windows 7


Windows 10


Windows 8


Mac OS Maverick


What do I need to gain access to Armstrong Wireless?

Most computers, laptops, phones, and tablets will automatically search for a wireless network. Select “Armstrong”, and provide your valid Port Username and Password.  “Armstrong” wireless network only requires a one-time setup on each device.

How often do I need to log in with my Active Directory credentials?

Once you complete the intial setup, you will not need to login again until you change your password.

What Wireless Devices are supported?

“Armstrong” wireless network requires a mobile device that supports 802.1x secure authentication and AES encryption, commonly known as WPA2 Enterprise. Your wireless device should support 802.11a, 802.11g or 802.11n protocols.

Where on campus can I access the wireless network?

“Armstrong” and “Guest” Wi-Fi are available in all buildings on the Armstrong main campus, including libraries, classrooms, offices, and green spaces. Both networks are also available at the Liberty Center. View the campus wireless map for additional details.

Armstrong guests now have the ability to create a temporary wi-fi guest account to use when visiting our campus.

Which network do I choose?

If you have a Port account, connect to “Armstrong”. 

Anyone without a Port account - such as campus visitors — may create a temporary wi-fi guest account to use when visiting our campus. The self service guest account will expire after 12 hours. Use the Self Service instructions to creat the guest account.

Can I access networked shared drives on the Armstrong wireless network?

Faculty and staff  can access networked shared drives on the Armstrong wireless network using a VPN client. Please view the VPN Client information that is used with Armstrong laptop equipment only.

Can Faculty and staff access networked printers and copiers on the Armstrong wireless network?

Yes, Faculty and staff can print to networked printers and copiers while using the Armstrong wireless network using their Armstrong laptop that has been configured to access networked printers and copiers.

For assistance, please contact the IT Services HelpDesk at 912.478.2287 or