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IT Services: WEPA

WEPA is a cloud-based print solution that allows Armstrong students to upload documents on-the-go and print them at one of the 9 WEPA stations located on main campus and 1 at Liberty Center. Send documents from any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

How does WEPA work?

  1. Login at by selecting Armstrong State University and entering your Port username and password. Upload your document.
  2. Login with your Port username and password at any WEPA print station. (Be sure to type slowly on the screen) Insert your Pirate Card and tag your card in the bottom right corner to synch up your Print Dollars with the WEPA system the very first time and then log out.
  3. After you have tagged your Pirate Card, swipe the Pirate Card again and you are automatically in the system and can print your uploaded documents. You can use your Pirate Card with WEPA so that you can access your 110 free pages using your Printing Cash.   Each WEPA station has the option of printing documents in black or color.

Where are the WEPA stations located on campus?

What are the charges to use the WEPA stations?

Additional charges are incurred when using a WEPA account.

Who do I call if I have questions about using WEPA or report an issue with a printout?

If you have an issue with printouts students should contact WEPA directly at 1-800-675-7639 or for immediate support.