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IT Services: Turnitin

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection tool that students and professors may use to look for signs of plagiarism in a students' written work. Armstrong instructors can use site or use the tool integrated into Armstrong eClassroom (D2L). The file size is limited to 20mb. Files with password protection, encrypted hidden system files or read only files cannot be uploaded. Only one file per student per assignment can be submitted. For file types and additional requirements view Turnitin's Submit a Paper .

System Requirements

Windows and Mac OS recommended system requirements

Student Notification Required

To begin, instructors should decide if they want to set up inside or outside of Armstrong eClassroom. If you choose to use Turnitin for your classes, you must notify your students.

Click here for Armstrong's License Agreement for Turnitin

Armstrong eClassroom Integration

Account creation for faculty and students are automatically created when enablling Turnitin Orginality Check inside the Dropbox tool in Armstrong eClassroom. Please view the setup instructions to get started.

Faculty Accounts for

Instructor accounts must be created by the Turnitin Administrator. Please contact IT Services to have your account created. A message will be sent to your Armstrong email account upon creation so that you can create your password and set up your own profile.

Create a Class

Create an Assignment

Instructor Quickstart Guides

The Feedback Studio Instructor guide created by Turnitin provides additional instructor information.


Information for Students

View Turnitin Student Information.

The Feedback Studio Student Guide created by Turnitin provides additional information.

Instructions for students to view feedback:  Turnitin: Viewing Feedback in Turnitin for Students.

Student Accounts for

Instructors should give students their Turnitin class ID and class enrollment password in order to use Turnitin that is not integrated inside of Armstrong eClassroom.

Returning Users to

Returning Users: Add your current class to your profile.

How Students Submit a Paper via 

Students submit a paper with these simple steps.

Instructions for Students to view feedback in Turnitin: Viewing Feedback in Turnitin for Students.

Turnitin Technical Support

For assistance, please contact the IT Services HelpDesk at 912.478.2287 or

For 24x7 technical support: The link provides a knowledge base and a link to Create a Help Ticket.