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IT Services: Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser (RLDB) is launched from the quiz tool in the Armstrong eClassroom (D2L). Now when taking a quiz using the RLDB, open a regular browser (Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge) go to the course and launch the quiz. If the Respondus LockDown Browser (RLDB) is not already installed on the computer, the progam can be downloaded from here. The RLDB will only be needed if a professor requires it to be used for taking the quiz. 

LockDown Browser shouldn't be started manually. Use a standard browser (eg. Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.) to navigate to the exam and LockDown Browser will launch automatically when it's required.

What is Respondus LockDown Browser?

Respondus LockDown Browser is a tool that provides a way for students to take a test (assessment) without being able to get to another web browser. Respondus LockDown Browser works much like a standard browser, but some options have been removed or work differently.

Ready to Get Started?

To begin using Respondus LockDown Browser, please select the appropriate guide below.

Faculty Guide  
Student Guide 

What to do if a Quiz freezes before submission?

If a user's quiz freezes while using the RLDB, immediately shut down the computer and try to log back into the quiz. Most likely if there is time available, the quiz will allow a student back into the quiz. 

Reasons why a quiz freezes while using the RLDB:

To Install Respondus LockDown Browser:

What requirements are needed for Respondus LockDown Browser?

Respondus Lockdown Browser requires Internet Explorer 7 or higher installed on MS Window OS or Safari on Mac OS

Technical Support

For assistance contact the IT Services Helpdesk by email at or by telephone: 912.478.2287