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IT Services: R25 WebViewer

R25 Introduction

R25 is an electronic reservation and calendaring system for Armstrong Students, Faculty, and Staff, to view all events on campus. Staff and Faculty can also use this application to reserve computer labs, conference rooms and classrooms needed outside the normal class schedule.

Who approves events on campus?

Events on campus are approved based on the location of the space requested.  Armstrong Conferencing Center will oversee all events on campus. Events in the following locations require final approval:

WebViewer allows all events to being held on campus to be viewed on the web without a log in required. There are several ways to view events being held on campus. To view Events on a specific date open the WebViewer at the following location:

In the top left corner select Events. Next, select By Date. Please wait while the page loads.

After the page loads, you can then select the specific date from the Calendar on the right hand column. Also you have the option to select Day, Week, or Month to view All events, or by special filter created.

Note: Armstrong Events are all events not including Academic classes.

Another option is to view by Location with the option to view by Date or by Name.

Location by Date displays the events in each location. There is an option to view by Day, Week, or Month.
Upon opening there is the option to select a view by Grid or by List that is under the date in the center of the screen as shown in the images above. Depending on the previous time you viewed the page determines which will appear.

The Filters area allows the option to view by the specific building or All.

Location by Name displays the events in each location by number of weeks. There is an option to view by number of weeks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15 and 20.

Select a date in the Calendar view area to view events assigned to a specific location by the number of week. Next select the first letter of the building and then select the specific room. This view is helpful when trying to determine in advance for room availability for a specific time frame.

How to submit a request?

To make a reservation on Armstrong’s campus open login here to submit a request. 

Select My requests
A User logon window will appear asking for your Username and Password.  Please use your email address credentials for log in purposes.  Your Username will be six letters of your last name plus the first two letters of your first name to total 8 characters.  The password will be the same one you use to access your email account. Select the Logon button to enter a New Request.

Request an Event window will appear.  Required field names are in red lettering on the site.

The Event Name and Event Title appear on the web and should be descriptive enough to identify the event from a listing of other events. 
Event Type - select a type from drop down list or pick Unspecified.
Sponsoring Organization - select an organization from a drop down list or pick Unspecified. Each Armstrong Department should be listed as a Sponsoring Organization.  If you need your department added please notify someone at the Helpdesk.

Enter an Expected Head Count.

The next section is to pick the specific date and time of the event.

Enter Start date and time with the drop down options.
Enter End date and time with the drop down options.

Repeat options are None, Ad Hoc, Daily and Weekly. None would be used for a onetime event.  Ad Hoc, Daily and Weekly would be used to select multiple occurrences to fit your specific request.

Space preference allows option to pick a specific location or specific building to hold an event on Armstrong’s Campus.

Specific Space is a drop down list of featured spaces using the Banner code.  The R25 Space Definitions is a key to identify specific spaces on campus.

If selection is not featured in the dropdown list you can enter request in Other field.  Any Space In allows you to identify the building you would like to request for an event and not tied to specific room.

Comments field is an area to include special requests that will need to be provided for a event.  Armstrong Conferencing Center will review the specific needs entered.

Description field is to be used to provide details about an event on the web. Recommend enter a brief description, special contact instructions and any web links available. 

After all the event information is entered select the Next button.  An event summary will appear to review.  Then you have the option to edit by selecting Make Changes button or select the Submit Request button to proceed with the request.

The WebViewer allows you to view Pending or Approved requests you have submitted. 
Pending – Displays requests submitted but not approved.
Approved – Displays requests approved and assigned to a specific space.

Technical Support

For assistance, please contact the IT Services HelpDesk at or by telephone at 912.478.2287.
Scheduling questions should be addressed to Armstrong Center at or by telephone at 912.344.2894