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IT Services:  Student Quiz Issues in eClassroom

What should I do if answers stop saving in the middle of a quiz?




As long as time remains on the quiz:

  1. Open an alternate internet browser.
  2. Log in to Armstrong eClassroom.
  3. Go back to the course.
  4. Continue the quiz.
  5. When completed, click Submit.

If you do not want to use an alternate browser:

  1. Write out answers of questions that have not been saved. Note: If the quiz has randomized questions, then this may not be helpful. The question numbers will have changed.
  2. Clear the cache file (Temporary Internet Files and History).
  3. Close the browser.
  4. Open a new browser window.
  5. Log in to Armstrong eClassroom.
  6. Go back to the course.
  7. Continue the quiz.
  8. Click Submit.

What should I do if the Save button is unresponsive when I try to save my answers at the very end and only have one quiz attempt?



If you only have one quiz attempt, refreshing the page or clearing the cache to fix this issue is not effective as answers that have not been saved to this point will be erased. Moreover, if there is a time limit on the quiz, by the time the questions are re-entered, the time limit may expire. Instead, if the Save button becomes unresponsive on a one-attempt quiz, you can duplicate the tab of your browser which will refresh your page and make the button responsive again but it will also save your answers:

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Press and hold Ctrl, and then drag the original tab with your mouse to the left or right-side of the original tab.
  2. Once the duplicate tab has been positioned accordingly, release Ctrl and the mouse at the same time.

Google Chrome:

  1. Right-click the original tab where the Save button is unresponsive.
  2. Select Duplicate.


  1. If not currently installed, install the Duplicate Tab Button extension found on the Apple Safari Extensions website.
  2. Once installed, go back to the original tab and click the newly installed Duplicate Tab button.

Internet Explorer 10:

  1. Right-click on the original tab where the Save button is unresponsive.
  2. Select Duplicate Tab or press Ctrl+K.

Why can't I access the next quiz attempt?

The next quiz attempt cannot be accessed until the previous quiz attempt has been submitted. Submit the first attempt in order to access the second attempt.

I lost connection to the Internet/the page froze while I was taking a quiz, what do I do?

Important: If you exit a timed quiz, time will continue to run on the quiz timer.

If you lost connection to the Internet or the page froze while you were in the middle of taking a quiz, exit the quiz and re-enter the quiz. Questions that have been saved will remain.

If time to complete the quiz has run out, contact your instructor and explain the issue.

Why can't I access a quiz?

If you are unable to access a quiz and are receiving a “Not Authorized” or “Internal Error” message, this can mean one of the following:

Why am I unable to submit a quiz?

If you are unable to submit a quiz, try to re-enter the quiz and submit it (if time is still available). If time is not available, contact your instructor for further help.

If answers were saved during the quiz, the attempt is set to “in progress” and will be available for your instructor to view. Contact the instructor and explain the situation.

How can I view my past quiz submissions?

If the instructor has set up submission views, you can view your past quiz submission by doing one of the following from the Quizzes tool:

How do I request additional quiz attempts?

To request additional quiz attempts, contact the course instructor. Additional quiz attempts are allowed only at the instructor's discretion and generally only under special circumstances.