Armstrong State University is now Georgia Southern University. For information about Fall 2018 and beyond, visit Current Armstrong students (spring and summer 2018) can continue to access information through For details about the consolidation, visit

IT Services: Armstrong eClassroom Login for Students

Students access Armstrong eClassroom by signing into Armstrong's portal "Port of Armstrong".

Username and password to access Armstrong eClassroom is the same as your Port username and password.
(Example username: ab1234)

A self-paced tutorial is available through Armstrong eClassroom titled "Armstrong Student Tutorial". If you do not see this course in your listing in Armstrong eClassroom please send a message to to have this added to your account.

IT Services offers Armstrong eClassroom Open Sessions at the beginning of each semester for students. These sessions are offered face-to-face and online to assist with using any of the tools and to answer any questions about Armstrong eClassroom. View the Training Calendar for  the schedule for each semester.

Preferred Browsers:
Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari are preferred browsers for Armstrong eClassroom. Internet Explorer may not work with third party applications.
For fewer problems during the semester, disable automatic updates on your computer and do not update your browser or Java until the semester is over.

Mac Users: Armstrong eClassroom supports Intel-based Macs. If you are using Safari, you should disable its pop-up blocker when using Armstrong eClassroom. To disable the pop-up blocker, click Safari in the menu bar and uncheck Block Pop-Up Windows. Failing to disable the pop-up blocker may prevent you from completing some tasks in Armstrong eClassroom, such as composing discussion board messages.