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International Education: Global Partners Zone

The Global Partners Zone logo features the organizational name and the Armstrong nameplate superimposed on a globe displaying the western hemisphere of Earth.Armstrong State University is a multicultural university that currently hosts approximately 100 international students on student visas whose priority in the U.S. is academic study. As educators, we must do the best we can to help them succeed. In order to support international students, we must make sure that our staff and faculty are deliberately trained to improve their multicultural competency, specifically addressing international student difficulties such as adjustment and support services. Beyond simply accepting them into the classroom and expecting them to perform the same as Americans, faculty should understand the different academic backgrounds of and additional challenges for international students.

Beyond simply advertising resources and support services, staff and faculty members should understand that international students may be unfamiliar with these services since some are distinctively American concepts. The Office of International Education (OIE) has created The Global Partners Zone program (GPZ) that provides the participants, or “global partners,” information about cultural differences, unique needs of, and resources for international students.

We offer several GPZ trainings every year.

Please contact Sara Nobles ( for GPZ training sessions or if you have any questions.

Thank you!

The OIE team.