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Human Resources: Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

What is TAP?

TAP is a tuition assistance program provided by the University System of Georgia (USG) to assist USG employees in continuing their education. Employees do not have to be enrolled in a degree program to utilize the TAP benefit, but do need to be taking classes that result in an academic credit.


All full-time employees in a benefits-eligible position, who have been in position a minimum of six months by the application deadline, are eligible to apply.

The Application Process

Class Registration

TAP participants must register for classes during the specified TAP registration period for their teaching institution. Registering outside of this designated period will render your application ineligible for the semester and the TAP benefit will not be applied. Registration periods for all USG institutions can be found on the USG Registration Site.

Student Accounts

Before the TAP benefit can be applied, the add/drop period must pass. At that time, several offices work together to verify attendance and registration. Once these can be verified, the benefit is applied to the participant account. This will create a natural gap between when payment is due and when the benefit can be applied. TAP particpants will not be dropped from classes for non-payment during this time.

A temporary memo is placed on TAP students' accounts so that they are not captured in the drop process, however participants may still receive notification regarding payment deadlines and drops.

Once the benefit is applied, TAP participants will be notified of the remaining balance. Fees that are not waived for TAP students must be paid by the payment deadline (lab fees, course fees, books, fines, exam fees, testing fees, graduation fees, etc.). Please make sure that balances not covered by TAP are paid to your teaching institution by their respective payment deadlines.  To better understand what TAP does and does not cover, please visit the FAQ pag.

Grade Requirements

TAP participants are required to maintain a "C" or above grade average for all classes in order to remain eligible. If, at any time, a TAP particpant receives a grade below the "C" average, s/he must sit out of the TAP program for a semester. The participant may take classes, but will pay for classes out-of-pocket.

TAP participants are also encouraged to withdraw from a class before the withdrawal results in a "W". If a "W" is received, the participant must sit out of the TAP program for a semester. The particpant may take classes during the semester in these instances, as well, but the classes will be paid out-of-pocket.

TAP participants receiving an incomplete will have one semester to complete the class. Particpants who fail to complete the class will be required to sit out a semester. Grades for classes in which an "I" was first received must be sent to the teaching institution TAP coordinator before the participant will be accepted into the TAP program for the semester.

Additional Assistance

Armstrong's Staff Advisory Council sponsors a scholarship designed to assist TAP participants with textbook purchases. Participants interested in being considered for assistance with their textbooks need to complete the Shelley Merrick Textbook Scholarship Application and hand it into the Human Resources office, along with their TAP application.

Applicants will be notified of the Staff Advisory Council's decision directly. Participants applying for the scholarship will need to keep their receipts from the bookstore for proof of purchase.

The Shelley Merrick Textbook Scholarship is available to any Armstrong employee taking classes through TAP.

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