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Human Resources: Professional Development

Professional Development contributes to individual, organizational and community excellence through extended learning and knowledge exchange. We are committed to continuous improvement through employee empowerment, dynamic training and ongoing development.

Professional Development Training Calendar

Armstrong State's Professional Development Training Calendar is now here! A comprehensive calendar of available Professional Development opportunities campuswide. Armstrong employees will be able to view available trainings and courses, get in-depth information about available trainings, and register to attend trainings developed and facilitated by both the Armstrong and Savannah community.

Series Learnings and Certifications

Coming soon - Professional Development Series Learnings and Certifications. Armstrong faculty, staff and administration will be able to enroll in Certification Series Learnings, culminating in a certification of completion. Additionally, Armstrong employees will be able to attend classes without series enrollment to sharpen skills, deepen understanding and promote personal development.

Building a Better U eLearning Portal

Your 24/7 gateway to learning resources for professional development, skills improvement, performance support, effective leadership and more. Complete trainings at your own pace and customize your personal development. Click the link to access Port of Armstrong and the Building a Better U Resource Library.

Enter the Right Door: Exceptional Customer Service

Facilitated by the Human Resources Department, the "Enter the Right Door: Exceptional Customer Service" training provides attendees with the advanced skills necessary to meet the ever-changing and complex needs of Armstrong's campus and clientele.

Working with Minors on Campus

This policy and training establishes guidelines for those in the university community who may work or interact with individuals under 18 years of age, with the goal of promoting safety and well-being of minors.