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Human Resources: Employee Newsletter

Welcome to the annual Human Resources Newsletter!

We are so excited to launch our inaugural edition of The Resource, your place to connect with Armstrong happenings, from viewing additions to Armstrong’s community to learning more about health and wellness.

Published quarterly, The Resource was designed to engage the Armstrong community in celebrating, communicating, and learning. Here, readers will be able to celebrate internal promotions and new hires; learn about new benefits as applicable and stay abreast of health and wellness programs; gain assistance during open enrollment, annual reviews, and life events; and learn of professional development and training opportunities.

So, welcome to The Resource, your source for personal and professional wellness.

The "News" (New Faces and New Promotions)

New Hires

  • Yuka Loveless, Rehab Sciences
  • Geoffrey Selby, Financial Aid
  • Timothy Moody, ITS
  • Debbie Reed, Admissions
  • Kylie Williams, Inst’l Research
  • Tiffany Donald, Admissions
  • Michael Best, UPD
  • Kelli Powers, UPD
  • Thomas Smith, ITS
  • Siobhan Lawrence, Liberty Ctr
  • Gregory Jackson, Plant Operations
  • Heather Valentine, Health Professions
  • Frederick Brown, ITS
  • Diana Daley, Student Affairs
  • Donna Smith, Registrar
  • Chris Corrigan, Business and Finance
  • Annecke Schulte, Registrar     
  • Briauna Hill, History
  • Danira Beckmann, ITS
  • Shannon White, Bursar
  • Benjamin Brown, Facilities
  • Yasmin Holmes, UPD
  • Robbi King, Radiologic Sciences
  • Kwame Phillips, Student Affairs
  • Guilherme Jasmin, Athletics
  • Anna Grizzard, Human Res.
  • Lou Woroch, Bus. & Finance
  • Dianne Millard, Health Science
  • Linda Covino, Registrar
  • Jodi-Lee Ashman, Registrar

Internal Promotions

  • Torrence Worthy, ITS
  • Celena Thornton, Financial Aid
  • Iris Smith, Registrar
  • Laura Pallini-Bolton, Liberal Arts

Be Healthy, Be Happy

“A Breath of Fresh Air”

Originally introduced by the SGA in 2010, and quickly gaining support by the Faculty Senate, Armstrong’s journey to become a tobacco-free campus quickly gained steam.

Becoming the 16th university in GA to become tobacco free, Armstrong implemented the policy on August 1, 2012. Today, over 1, 000 colleges and institutions in the U.S. have implemented a tobacco or smoke-free policy; and, on October 1, 2014, the University System of Georgia implemented a state-wide, tobacco-free campus policy.

Whether a recent New Year’s resolution, or a long-time goal, if you are thinking of quitting and are having difficulty, Armstrong is now here to help! Armstrong is now offering Tobacco Cessation classes. Tobacco Cessation classes provide successful tools to help individuals quit smoking and/or using tobacco products.

Classes are free for Armstrong staff, faculty, and students, and can either be done in a group session or as a one-on-one meeting with a cessation counselor.

If 2015 is your year to quit, please contact Megan Feasel, Director of the Student Rec Center, at 912-344-3089 or at


The Human Resources team is proud to announce the first stage of our Professional Development Series: the Professional Development Calendar.

Found on the HR website, the Professional Development Calendar will act as a one-stop shop for Armstrong Professional Development training. From diversity to management skills training, all opportunities will be housed on the calendar for easy review. The calendar will allow users to read a synopsis of the training, as well as to register for training sessions.

Currently on the calendar

  • PeopleAdmin end user training
  • Diversity Brown Bag: “Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts!”
  • Search Chair Charges

Coming Soon...

Based on the feedback received from the training survey sent out last semester, the Human Resources office will be developing various Professional Development Series Learnings. Series Learnings can be completed in succession for certification, or on a singular class basis to sharpen skills and gain insight in specified areas. For more information on the Professional Development Series Learnings, please visit the HR website and click “Professional Development.

H.R. Says...

"There is power in team work."

Have you ever been a part of a team and wondered “What am I doing here? This is a waste of time!” The experience of working within a group can be one filled with stress and anxiety. However, a negative group experience can be quickly turned into an effective and powerful dynamic when the key elements of communication, diversity, collaboration, and conflict resolution are developed among the team.

In the New Year, challenge yourself to think, lead, and act differently within your team.  Powerful outcomes can be realized by maximizing the potential of your specific group dynamic.


Groups with low levels of communication have less trust and cooperation. Lower levels of trust and cooperation lead to increased conflicts and lower resolutions of those conflicts (Levi 2001.) A group is most effective when members communicate with one another simply, openly, and respectfully.

What to do:

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