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PirateCard: Get Your Card

tudent Cards     Faculty and Staff Cards     Other Affiliated Cards

Student Cards

Easy Activation

Once you are accepted into the university and registered for classes, a PirateCard account is automatically opened the first semester you are enrolled. Stop by the PirateCard office to obtain an ID and sign the PirateCard agreement form. There are NO charges for using your card to make purchases. You can add money to your account anytime throughout the year online using a credit card, in the Bursar's Office in Victor Hall, or at kiosks located inLane Library, the Student Learning Commons, and the Student Union.

What You Need to Have an ID Made

*A picture ID is any official government issued identification with your picture. This includes driver's license, passport, military ID. Social Security Cards and Birth Certificates cannot be accepted as forms of identification.

If you do not attend Navigate Orientation ID production for each semester begins on the following dates:

Faculty and Staff Cards

Opening an Account

Faculty/staff accounts are created upon completing orientation with Human Resources. Faculty and staff must come to the PirateCard office to receive a PirateCard and activate their account. There are no charges for using your card to make purchases. Cardholders You can add funds to your account anytime throughout the year in the Bursar's Office in Victor Hall, or at kiosks located in Lane Library and the Student Learning Commons, or online using a debit or credit card.

Recreation Center Use

Your PirateCard is used to gain access to the Recreation Center once a Faculty/Staff membership has been set up. Your PirateCard must be presented for each admittance. Please see the Recreation Center for more information about joining.

Other Affiliated Cards 

Contractor Cards

All employees of contracted third-party companies are required to carry a Contractor PirateCard when they are working at or for Armstrong. Contractor cards can be granted door access rights if required by the employee’s duties.

Alumni Cards

The Alumni Card grants alumni access to alumni special events and other events at Armstrong. Alumni have the option to set up a Rec Center membership and should contact the Rec Center for more information. Alumni are eligible for an Alumni Card when they donate a minimum of $35 to the Armstrong Foundation, and the card is renewable yearly by donation.

PlusOne Cards

PlusOne cards can be requested by faculty or staff for one guest recreation center membership. Faculty, Staff, and PlusOne memberships are purchased through the Recreation Center.

Departmental Cards

Departmental cards can be requested by department heads and printed for a small fee with various designs and card types. (i.e. magstripe. non-magstripe, etc.)

Program Cards

Program cards can be requested and printed for a small fee. These cards are generally requested by departments for student identification when the students are interning or are working at their practicum.

Conference and Summer Camp Cards

Conference and Summer Camp cards are preprinted and can be used for various events. For more information about using these cards contact the Armstrong Conferences Conference Events and Student Union Manager.