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EDI: Diversity Workshops

Inclusion, Diversity & Equity @ Armstrong (IDEA) 

The March 24th IDE@A Summit 2017 event has been canceled.  As another option, The President's Diversity Council have created several diversity workshops on the following:    
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White privilege from the perspective of a white female raised in a poor uneducated home. The discussion will be an interactive look at white privilege in higher education.

The Medical and Social Models, Accessible Environments, and How Disability Impacts Various Groups of People.

Some of the military-affiliated population feel out of place as a student on a college campus or as an employee in the civilian workforce. Many are searching for the camaraderie that came so naturally in uniform. Support services and programs exist to help Service members make their transition, but the majority of those individuals or agencies are either on the military installation, or they exist in the community. The missing component is the X factor that will bridge the gap between one side of the gate to the other. The X factor that will create the "bridge" is a shift in the community, campus, and workplace cultures generated through training, awareness, collaboration, and action. This session will focus on creating that bridge.

Gender is complicated - it’s not important that you understand everything perfectly.  It’s important that you listen, and trust that, with time, you will begin to understand how they came to know themselves.


Understanding how cultural diversity affects the way we live and work.




President's Diversity Council

Member Title Department
Christine Moore Lecturer Respiratory Therapy
David Wheeler Professor of English Languages, Literature, and Philosophy
Nipuna Ambanpola SGA President Student Affairs
Will Lynch Department Head / Professor of Chemistry Chemisry & Physics
Kelly Woodruff Director  Disability Services
Geoffrey Carson Associate University Attorney Office of the President
Phil Gore Military Education Coordinator Office of Academic Affairs
Regina Rahimi Associate Professor Secondary, Adult, & Physical Education
Chris Curtis Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Office of Academic Affairs
Rochelle Lee Program Coordinator, Nuclear Medicine Track / Assistant Professor Radiologic Sciences
Wayne Johnson Professor Engineering Studies