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Career Services: Faculty and Staff

Presentations & Workshops

Engagement in the classroom setting as well as with clubs and organizations is of the utmost importance to Career Services. To schedule a presentation, please contact the office at 912.344.2563 or by email at

Presentation topics can vary based on your group’s needs. Below are some standard topics we present frequently:


Many academic departments at Armstrong allow students to perform internships for academic credit. The requirements of the internship vary based upon the student’s academic major. If you are interested in learning more about internships or the requirements of various academic departments, please view our Armstrong Internship Guide pdf. If you would like to post an internship opportunity for current students, you can do so on College Central Network.

Write a Reference Letter

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) offers guidelines on how to write a letter of recommendation for a student and also outlines the legal issues behind this practice.

Legal Issues

There are legal issues regarding what information you should or cannot include in a reference letter. This website offers answers to questions faculty and staff members have been asking provided by the NACE.

Tips for Providing References

The NACE gives helpful tips on providing references targeted toward career services staff, reference providers including faculty and staff, and employers.