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Bursar’s Office: Tuition & Fees

The value of your education is measured by how much you learn, as well as how much it costs. Here, you get the feel of a private school at a state school price, with tuition that is one of the most affordable in Georgia.

Estimated Cost of Attendance Per Semester

In-State Tuition and Fees ** $3,166
Out-Of-State Tuition and Fees $9,576
On-Campus Housing $3,296 - $3,888
Meal Plan $873 - $2,079

* Estimate is based on full-time enrollment as an undergraduate student. Estimate is per semester and subject to change.

*Active duty service member will have all mandatory institutional fees waived. Course fees will not be dedicated. For nonactive duty service members, mandatory fees may be reduced or waived. Please contact Veteran Affairs for specific military waiver details. 

** In-state tuition available for undergraduate tuition for residents of Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Alabama.

*Special programs, like e-French are considers regular Armstrong online tuition rate and not e-Majors. Please plan accordingly. 

Tuition Calculator

Use our quick and easy calculator for an estimation of your upcoming bill.

Printable Tuition and Fee Schedules

Academic Year 2016-2017 Rates 

Student Classification
Undergraduate Rates
Graduate Rates

Fees for all students are due and payable at time of registration. Registration is not complete until all fees have been paid. Please review our Academic Calendar for payment deadlines and cancellation dates.