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Bursar: Refunds


Students receive refunds when they have over paid their charges on their student accounts. The over payment appears on your student account as a negative amount due. When the credit is processed into a refund, it appears as a charge on the account, balancing the credit out to a $0 amount due. 

How this works---

Refunds can be sent to students in two ways

Refunds are processed every Thursday and paper checks are created and mailed out on Fridays.

Since there are so many students that may receive a refund during disbursement day, refunds could take up to two weeks from the date the overpayment is created to process.

Our office's mission is to process as many student refunds as swiftly and efficiently as possible. If we do not review accounts before refunding, you may have an adjustment to your account that causes you to owe some of your refund back and we try to avoid accounting mistakes. Please plan accordingly. 

Refunds to students who paid by personal check will be delayed until assurance is made that the check is valid.

Refunds are processed in batches, depending on the source of the over payment. Students may receive multiple refunds, depending on how their account was satisfied.

Please be patient with our office when refund season is upon us. There may be a delay in our phone and email response while we process refunds to ensure a swifter refund for our students. 

Semester Withdrawal Refund

A Semester Withdrawal Form should be completed in the Office of the Registrar when a student stops attending courses.

Frequently Asked Questions about Refunds

I need to drop a class. Will I get a refund?

Yes. If you drop it before the end of Late Registration. Check out our Academic Calendar for the specific dates for each term. If you wish to remove yourself from a course after this time frame, it is called a withdrawal rather than a drop.

I just withdrew from a class. Will I get a refund?

No. Course withdrawals are not eligible for refunds. If you have been charged for a course and withdraw from it, you will not see any financial credit post back to your account. 

I just withdrew from all of my classes. Will I get a refund?

Maybe! If your official Semester Withdrawal date is prior to 60% of the term and your Return to Title IV calculate results in a credit, you may receive a refund. We prorate the charges for courses up to the  60% point in the semester. If you withdraw after 60% of a course has been completed, you will not be eligible for a prorated credit/refund of tuition. If you have received financial aid for your courses, your aid award will be recalculated. 

I want to receive my refund by E-Refund/ Direct Deposit. How do I set that up?

Students may elect to have check refunds sent to their personal bank accounts via E-Refunds in Touchnet. It could take 1-5 business days to process once it is sent to our bank. Processing time depends on your and our banks' policies. 

To set up E-Refund/ Direct Deposit:

Log into the Port of Armstrong and choose Touchnet Bill Payment System from the list of services in the "Student Services" box. It should log you directly into Touchnet. If not, you may need to reset your PIN. 
OR--Log into Bill & Payment with your student ID number and your six-digit PIN. (From any "Pay Online" button on the website).
Choose the "eRefunds" tab at the top of the screen.

  • Under "Direct Deposit Bank Account," click "Set up Account." Follow the prompts. If you already have a payment method saved, you can save it as a refund account. Otherwise, choose "Set up a new account."
  • Enter your bank account information.
    PLEASE NOTE: Debit card numbers are not acceptable and will not be honored by your banking Institution. Please use the bank account and routing numbers found on the checks printed for you by your bank. Only personal checking accounts and certain savings accounts may be used for electronic check payments/refunds. Please check with your bank before using personal savings accounts to make sure your account supports this activity.
  • Click "Continue" and finish the set up process.

Your refund method is saved. You may access your information at any time under the "eRefunds" tab in Bill & Payment.

Where will you send my paper refund check?

All paper refund checks are mailed to students' current mailing addresses as listed on PORT. Please check on your PORT to make sure your address is correct before we mail it. 

When will I get my refund?

Our refund process occurs immediately after financial aid disbursement. The Financial Aid office disburses funds according to their own disbursement schedule.

Refunds could take up to two weeks to process, depending on the volume of students receiving refunds that semester. 

If you are receiving your refund electronically, you will receive an email when it has been sent to our bank for processing. 

I never received my refund. What should I do?

If your refund was supposed to be sent to your checking account electronically, verify the following:

  • Your account number and eRefund profile on Touchnet Bill Payment. Be sure you are checking the correct account for the deposit if you have multiple accounts.
  • The number of days since the refund was generated. eRefunds can take up to 5 business days to be posted by the receiving bank.

If your refund was supposed to be sent to your address, please log into the PORT and check your address. If it is correct, then allow at least 10 business days for your check to arrive. If it has been 10 days and your check has still not arrived, complete a Stop payment Request and we can reissue your refund.