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Bursar: FAQs

Paying Your Bill

I do not know my PIN to access Touchnet. What is it?

Your Student ID is your nine digit 907 number. Your PIN started as your six digit birthday (ex 080800). There are no commas, dashes, or spaces between the numbers. You can assess your Touchnet account directly by logging into your PORT of Armstrong. Under the Student Services section, Touhcnet is the second link (right under SHIP). If this link does not work, you may need to reset your PIN. Our office cannot reset PINs. You will need to email the Registrar's Office at They can reset it back to your birthday. Depending on this volume it may be sooner, but please expect about a 24 hour turn around time. 

Will my financial aid pay my student account balance or do I need to pay out of pocket?

If your financial aid award has been authorized in an amount that covers your total semester charges, you do not have to pay out of pocket by the payment deadline. Authorized financial aid satisfies to your account balance until it disburses as a payment. 

My financial aid award is not finished; I am waiting on the Financial Aid Office. Will my classes be cancelled for nonpayment?

We encourage you to keep in constant contact with your financial aid counselor to ensure that you have completed all the required tasks for getting your aid auhtorized. The sooner you start the process, the better. Students whose financial aid is incomplete will be required to submit payments by the published payment deadlines to ensure their classes are not at risk of being cancelled.

What if I add a class at the last minute and it changes my bill?

You must now satisfy your new account balance. A hold may be palced on your student account restricting registration activity until it is satisfied. 

What has to be paid by the payment deadlines - just tuition and fees or everything?

All balances posted to your student account must be satisfied by the payment deadlines. Failure to do so may result in your courses being cancelled for nonpayment. It is best to frequently check your Touchnet account to verify your current balance.

I don’t use the gym or the health center; can I have those fees removed?

All students enrolled in any courses categorized as on-campus will be charged all mandatiory fees (health, recreation, student I.D., student success, institutional, technology, athletic and activity fees). On-campus courses are those defined as being physically located at the Savannah campus. We recommend you take advantage of the resources that you are paying for. 

Online Tuition and Fees

Why are online courses more expensive when I won’t even come to campus?

The University has implemented an eTuition rate for fully online courses (distance learning programs). This rate replaces in-state tuition and out-of-state tuition for online courses. The change impacts all fully online courses for undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs. Students who register for online courses only (no on-campus courses) are only responsible for the mandatory Technology Fee and Board of Regents Special Institutional Fee.

Will my financial aid pay for online courses?

Yes, but financial aid awards will not increase to accommodate increases in overall charges due to eTuition implementation. Students who are Hope Scholarship or Zell Miller eligible can find information regarding payment by visiting the Hope and Zell Miller Scholarship page. Pell Grants award cannot be increased due to the increased eTuition rate. If you think you may need to request additional aid to help cover the eTuition rate, please see the office of Financial Aid as soon as possible.

If I take both online and campus courses, won’t I just pay the campus rate?

The eTuition rate will be assessed for each online course registered, no matter how many courses you are taking, including both on-campus and off.

If I am an out-of-state student taking both online and campus classes, will I still pay the non-resident tuition?

You will pay the non-resident tuition rate for on-campus courses (both Savannah and Liberty campuses) and the eTuition rate for online courses.