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Bursar’s Office: Automatic Payment Plans

Nelnet Business SolutionsAn easier way to pay for college.


Paying for the rising costs of a college education is a concern for nearly every student and family. To help you meet your educational expenses, Armstrong State University is pleased to offer Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) as a convenient budget plan. This is not a loan program. You have no debt, there are no interest or finance charges, and there is no credit check. Enrollment in this plan is easy and available online.  All agreements are made between students or family members and Nelnet Business Solutions, not with the University. All payments will be made directly to Nelnet, and Nelnet will pay Armstrong the full agreement amount in two payments.

Spring 2016: Payment plan enrollment no longer available.

Pre-payment plans are available for enrollment via the Port of Armstrong only. The enrollment process will be securely connected to your student account., so your plan will be for the exact amount due--no guessing or estimating! Start the enrollment process by logging into the Port and clicking on the Payment Plan link in the Student Services box on the Home tab.

Summer 2016: Payment plan available Feb 5, 2016

Important Notes:

NOTE: All down payments are processed immediately!

Last Day to Enroll Online Required Down Payment Number of Payments Months of Payments

Spring 2016 Payment Plan*
Nov 20 (enrollment fee: $50) 35% 4 Dec-March
Dec 23 (enrollment fee: $60) 50% 3 Jan-Mar
Jan 8 (enrollment fee: $70) 50% 2 Feb & March
Last Day to Enroll Online Required Down Payment Number of Payments Months of Payments
Summer 2016 Payment Plan*
Mar 25 (enrollment fee: $50) 35% 4 Apr-July
Apr 22 (enrollment fee: $60) 35% 3 May-July
May 20 (enrollment fee: $70) 50% 2 June & July
June 1 (enrollment fee: $70) 50% 1 July only

Payment Methods

If you elect to use a credit or debit card, your monthly payment, along with a convenience fee, will be automatically charged to the credit card you designate. The convenience fee is in addition to the enrollment fee. Payment methods can only be changed under certain circumstances, so choose your method wisely.

Scheduled payments are processed on the 5th of the month and will continue until the balance is paid in full. Down payments and the enrollment fee are deducted immediately.

Steps to Enroll

Tips for Payment Plan Success

For additional help, please call Nelnet Business Solutions at 800.609.8056.
Customer service representatives are available Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (CST), and Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.



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