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Academic Advisement - The First Week of Class

The first week of class is a critical time when it comes to first-year success in college. There are things you should do and things you should know during the first week, in order to be really successful in college.

Things You Should Know and Do for the First Week:

  • Attendance is important, starting with the very first day! During this first week, professors do a process called attendance verification. This means that they drop anyone who isn't showing up. This can affect your financial aid.
  • Most terms, you cannot adjust your schedule after classes begin. To drop or add, you will need to get a professor's signature on a drop/add form and take the form to the Registrar's Office for processing.
  • If you know that you need to drop a class, you must do so before midterm to receive a "W" for withdrawl. After midterm, dropping a class results in a "WF" grade, which is equal to an F.
  • If you want to drop a class, you must go about it the right way. DO NOT simply stop going to class. That will result in an F.
  • Professors will distribute a syllabus on the first day or so. The syllabus will give you information about assignments and expectations.
  • Parking officials sometimes give students a day or so to get decals in their windows. After that, the tickets will start. Don't get used to parking in those empty spaces without the right decals!
  • It's up to you to follow up with Financial Aid to make sure all paperwork is processed and fees are paid.
  • The first week provides lots of opportunities to explore clubs and organizations. Get out there and meet people!