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Academic Advisement: Dual Enrollment

Recognizing the need to provide talented high school students with options for advanced study, the University System of Georgia (USG) formed the Dual Enrollment program that allows qualifying high school students to enroll in USG colleges and universities and to receive college credits while completing their high school graduation requirements.  As a Dual Enrollment student, you will pay no fees for tuition or books to take courses at Armstrong.  You will only pay minimal fees such as lab fees or parking fees.  Students who begin in their sophomore or junior year may be able to complete an associates degree at the same time they graduate from high school.

We in Armstrong's Office of Academic Advisement lead the campus in enthusiastic support of this program, welcoming these students onto our campus. We provide information sessions and conduct advisement for all Dual Enrollment students during their time here. Check out the links to the left for specific information on the dual enrollment programs offered at Armstrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that a 3-4 credit hour course at Armstrong is now equivalent to 1 Carnegie Unit at my high school?

Yes, beginning in the fall 2010 semester a 3-4 credit hour course now equals 1 Carnegie Unit. This means that for each 3-4 credit hour course you complete at Armstrong, you will fulfill 1 unit at the high school. 

Does being involved in Dual Enrollment mean I am an Armstrong Student? Do I get an Armstrong student ID?

Yes, you are an Armstrong student and should get an ID. Some of the benefits of obtaining a student ID include use of our library, admission to athletic events, and eligibility for local student discounts.

How much does it cost? Are the books provided?

The Dual Enrollment scholarship pays for tuition, most fees and book rental. Students are responsible for any laboratory fees for science and language courses and the parking decal fee. If you are planning to live on campus, housing and meal fees are separate and not covered by the Dual Enrollment scholarship or financial aid.

If I have a choice of taking AP courses or becoming Dual Enrolled, which should I choose?

This is a personal choice that you should discuss with your parents and your counselors. We recommend that you take AP courses in math if they are offered at your school prior to enrolling in any college-level math class.

How will the grades I earn at Armstrong be recorded on my high school transcript?

This is a question for your high school counselor. Each school system posts the grades differently on the transcript.

How will my Dual Enrollment GPA affect my Hope Scholarship?

Beginning with the fall 2011 term, the hours for which Dual Enrollment payment is received will not be included in the HOPE Combined Paid-Hours limit. The postsecondary credit hours taken as a Dual Enrollment student for which Dual Enrollment payment was made are NOT counted as attempted hours and the corresponding grades will not be included in the postsecondary cumulative GPA for HOPE scholarship or Zell Miller programs. However, the grades will count in your high school GPA and will count in your overall college GPA.

If I decide to go to Armstrong my freshman year will I have to reapply?

In order to update your status from dual enrollment to freshman, you simply need to submit a re-admission application and an updated high school transcript to the Office of Admissions.

What kind of courses can I take?

There are approved Dual Enrollment courses within the five core subjects of English, mathematics, social studies, natural sciences, and foreign languages. Your high school counselor and Armstrong's Dual Enrollment advisor from the Office of Academic Advisement and Support will help you select your courses. Some courses do have prerequisite requirements.

Can I attend in the summer?

The Dual Enrollment Scholarship is now available for summer.

I've heard that if I'm Dual Enrolled I could lose out on participating in my junior or senior year of high school. Is that true?

Your eligibility for extracurricular activities at your high school is determined by your school. Speak with your high school counselor.

Whom do I go to if I'm having problems, my high school counselor?

Though your high school counselor will always be willing and able to help you, Armstrong will provide you with an academic advisor in the Office of Academic Advising and Support, Please call 912-344-2570 to make an appointment to meet with your advisor.