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Academic Advisement: 15 to Finish

Pathways to Academic Success

15 to Finish is an initiative from Complete College Georgia, encouraging all students to take at least 15 hours per semester! Students who take at least 15 hours per semester, graduate ON TIME and pay less for their college education! Taking and SUCCEEDING  in 15 credits each semester helps you stay on track! 

Below are sample 4-year Degree Completion Pathways including the milestones you need to reach to stay on track to graduate in 4 years:

AS: Engineering Studies Track
AS: Medical Laboratory Science (Preparation to apply to the BS program) 
AS: Respiratory Therapy Track (Preparation to apply to the BS program)
BS: Respiratory Therapy Track​
BFA: Visual Arts
BS: Art Education
BS: Applied Physics, Algebra Start
BS: Applied Physics, Algebra, Co-remediation Start (co-remediated pathways begin Fall 2015)
BS: Applied Physics, Pre-Calc Start
BS: Applied Physics,Calculus Start
BS: Biology, Algebra Start  
BS: Biology Cell Molecular, Algebra Start
BS: Biology Marine,Algebra Start BS: Biochemistry, Algebra Start
BS: Biochemistry, Algebra, Co-Remediation Start  (co-remediated pathways begin Fall 2015)
BS: Biochemistry, Pre-cal start
BS: Biochemistry, Calculus Start
BS: Business Economics
BS: Economics
BA: Chemistry, Algebra Start
BA: Chemistry, Algebra, Co-remediation start (co-remediated pathways begin Fall 2015)
BA: Chemistry, Pre-cal Start
BA: Chemistry, Calculus Start
BS: Chemistry, Algebra Start
BS: Chemistry, Algebra Co-remediation start (co-remediated pathways begin fall 2015
BS: Chemistry, Pre-cal Start
BS: Chemistry, Calculus Start
BS: Computer Science, College Algebra Start
BS: Computer Science, Pre-Calculus Start
BS: Computer Science, Calculus Start
BS: Criminal Justice
BS: Education, Middle Grades Education
BA: English
BA: English Professonal Communication
BA: Gender Studies
BHS: Public and Community Health
BA: History
BSIT: Information Technology
BSIT: Information Technology, College Algebra Start
BA: Law and Society
BA: Liberal Studies, General Track
BS: Mathematics, Calculus Start
BS: Applied Mathematics, Calculus Start
BS: Mathematics, Teacher Certification, Calculus Start
BS: Medical Laboratory Science
BA: Music, Instrumental Performance
BA: Music, Piano Performance
BA: Music, Vocal Performance
BME: Music Education

*Special Note: Nursing is a 130 credit hour program.  This is accomplished in 4 years by taking large loads (18-19 hours) in a number of semesters.
BS: Nursing, without co-remediation
BS Nursing, with co-remediation (begins Fall 2015)

BA: Political Science
BA: Psychology
BS: Psychology

*Note: Radiologic Science Degrees are 130 hours, not 124.  Thus an additional summer semester is required.
BS: Radiologic Science, Cardiovascular Intervention
BS: Radiologic Science, Radiation Therapy
BS: Radiologic Science, Radiography
BS: Radiologic Sciences, Sonography
BS: Rehabilitation Sciences
BA: Spanish
BA: Theatre, Design Track
BA: Theatre, Management Track 
BA: Theatre, Performance Track

15 to Finish Georgia