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Academic Advisement

What Is Advisement?

Each Armstrong student will have an academic advisor, a faculty or professional staff member who assists in several areas: choosing a major, exploring career options, and selecting courses for the following semester. The advisor gives advice; students must take responsibility for their own choices, for selection of their academic program, and for meeting university deadlines.

Transfer & Adult Students

Information for students who have previously attended another college or university and/or students ages 23 or older. This section also provides information for students taking learning support courses.

Online Students

Armstrong is committed to the success of all students, and that commitment is not limited by physical boundaries. We know that many students will decide to meet the challenges of a busy life head-on, by going online to fulfill their college dreams. Like our on-campus students, online and blended program students must speak with an academic advisor each semester to discuss academic progress and degree program completion. For online students, this meeting may take place via email, by phone, or as a face-to-face "virtual" meeting through Wimba technology. Once you are accepted as an online student and any previous coursework has been evaluated, you can call to schedule an appointment. This step will enable you to enroll in your courses.

Dual-Enrolled Students

Information for current high school students (juniors and seniors) taking college-level classes at Armstrong

Current Students

If you have entered college without a specific major in mind, you can remain undeclared until you make that decision. While you are exploring your academic interests, the Advisement Office will serve as your home base.The advisors and counselors in the Advisement Office are experienced map makers, ready to help you find your way.


Faculty are instrumental in providing not only top-quality instruction to Armstrong students, but in providing students with proper guidance regarding their course selection each semester. Juniors and seniors who are on track to complete their degree will be assigned a faculty advisor who meets with the student a minimum of once per semester for academic advisement. Faculty members should consult the faculty advisor handbook for more information on advisement. Please contact the Office of Academic Orientation and Advisement with any questions you may have.