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Armstrong State University Policies

Welcome to Armstrong’s policy webpage! The policies listed below represent campus-wide policies, which shall be defined as policies which broadly impact the university. Each of these policies has been vetted through the policy review process outlined in Campus-wide Policies opens in new window. If you have any suggestions for new polices or would like to request changes to an existing policy, please refer to the process outlined in this document for detailed instructions. New policies should utilize the Template for Policies Download Word Doc whenever possible.

Please keep in mind that many policies are specific to particular departments and will therefore not appear on this page. If you have questions regarding departmental policies, please refer the departmental webpage or contact the department directly. In addition, Armstrong is governed by the Board of Regents’ Policy Manual new window, which should be referenced whenever applicable. The policies listed below will often be more restrictive than applicable Board of Regents’ policies, but will never be less restrictive. Every effort will be made to incorporate changes to Board of Regents’ policies in a timely manner; however, any conflicts with Armstrong and Board of Regents’ policies will be resolved in deference to Board of Regents’ policies.

Please note this listing offers two methods for searching for policies. If you know that a policy exists but cannot recall its exact name, enter a key word or words into the search box on the left. If you do not know whether a policy exists for a particular topic, enter a key word or words into the search box on the right.

If you have any specific questions about a policy on this page, please contact the applicable department. For any general questions regarding this webpage or the process for creating or updating policies, please contact the Office of Internal Audit at 344-3152 or

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Policy TitleDepartment
ADA Employee Accommodation Policy Human Resources
Armstrong Brand Style Guide Marketing
Armstrong Publication Style GuideMarketing
Athletic Facilities Rules and Regulations Facility Services
Athletics Compliance Manual Athletics
Background Investigation Policy Human Resources
Bicycle / Pedestrian Path Regulations University Police
Bicycle / Scooter Policy University Police
Campus Access Control Policy Facility Services
Campus Food Policy Addendum Sodexo
Campus-wide Policies Internal Audit
Career Services Policies Career Services
Code of Student Integrity Office of Student Integrity
Copyright Policy Library
Credit Report Policy Human Resources
Depositing of Funds Policy Business & Finance
Distressed Students - Faculty/Staff Guide Counseling Center
Effort Certification & Reporting Grants & Sponsored Programs
Emergency Response Guide University Police
Employee Handbook Human Resources
Employee Hardship Policy Human Resources
Ethics Hotline Internal Audit
Facilities Use Policies Business and Finance
Faculty Handbook Faculty Senate
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Human Resources
Fine Arts Hall Auditorium User Rules Business and Finance
Flextime Policy Human Resources
Freedom of Expression Policy Student Affairs and Human Resources
Golf Cart Reservation Policy Facility Services
Graduate Faculty Handbook Graduate Studies
Grants and Contracts Manual Grants and Sponsored Programs
Harassment Policy Legal
Housing Policies & Forms Housing & Residence Life
Hurricane Preparedness Guide University Police
In-State Residency Registrar
Institutional Review Board Policies IRB
Internal Audit Charter Board of Regents
Investment Policy Business & Finance
Involuntary_Withdrawal_Policy Student Affairs
ITS Data Classification Policy IT Services
Library Collection Development Policy Library
Lost & Found Policy Police Department
Mandatory Fees and Other Charges Bursar
Messaging Policy Business and Finance
Minors on Campus University Counsel
Movie and Film Policy Student Affairs & Academic Affairs
Outdoor Facilities User Rules Facility Services
Overtime and Compensatory Time Human Resources
Parking & Traffic Rules & Regulations University Police
Armstrong Brand Style Guide Marketing
Password Policy IT Services
Pirate Card Policy PIRATECARD
PCI DSS Compliance Policy Finance & IT Services
Posting and Advertising Policy Student Union and Activities Office
SU & MCC Reservation Policy Student Union and Activities Office
Surveillance Policy Business and Finance
Recreation Center Policies Recreation & Wellness
Reduction in Force Policy Human Resources
Refund Policy Bursar
Relocation Expense Policy Human Resources
Responsible Use of Technology IT Services
Returned Check Policy Bursar
Reporting WrongdoingInternal Audit
Revenue-Producing Activity Policy Business & Finance
Sexual Misconduct Policy Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion
Skateboarding Policy University Police
Space Allocation and Management Policy Facility Services
Student Athlete Handbook Athletics
Student Complaint & Inquiry Process Student Affairs
Student Complaints - Faculty / Staff Guidelines Division Heads
Student Conduct - Faculty Guidelines Student Affairs
Student Organization Advisor Handbook Student Affairs
Student Organization Policies Student Affairs
Student Union Policies Student Union
Technology Acquisition Policy IT Services
Tobacco-Free Campus Policy President’s Office
University Course Catalogs Provost & VP for Academic Affairs
University Website Policy Marketing
Website Design & Content Guidelines Marketing


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