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Brown Bag: Chaguar Textiles & The Indigenous People of Argentina

Sep 20 2017 through Sep 20 2017
Event Start Time 12:00 PM
Event End Time 1:00 PM
University Hall Room 157
Make lunch productive with an informative lecture on Argentina and the Wichí people from Art Professor Rachel Green!

About This Event

“The Changing Role of Chaguar Textiles in the Lives of the Wichí, an indigenous People of Argentina” - The Wichí are an indigenous people who live in the Gran Chaco: an arid subtropical region of low forests and savannas located in northwestern Argentina, Paraguay and southern Bolivia. In this beautiful but harsh environment, the Wichí have maintained a semi-nomadic lifestyle for centuries sustained through foraging, fishing, hunting,and horticulture. The most traditional textile items are shoulder bags called hí lus, used by men, and the sichéts, used by women. These items are woven in patterns that make reference to nature (i.e. the “owl’s eye” or the “iguana’s belly”).  Today, many Wichí have been displaced from their lands in the Chaco, a process accelerated by provincial laws and deforestation, due to agribusiness. In one such Wichí community, on the outskirts of a small town in Northwest Argentina, a family of three generations maintain their language and traditional textiles.


University Hall Room 157