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SGA Archives

The Student Government Association (SGA) proudly serves all Armstrong students. The SGA works hard to ensure that the students' interests are met first. These dedicated student leaders have conducted several financial aid forums, many programs to gain students' awareness on student services and countless community service opportunities, such as Toys for Tots, Adopt-A-School program, and assisting the elderly at Savannah Specialty Care.

2017 SGA Elections Results
SGA President Nipuna Ambanpola
SGA Vice President Tajae Francis 
SGA Secretary Gabriela Montes
SGA Treasurer Daniela Camacaro


Officers and Members

2017-2018 Roster

President, Nipuna Ambanpola

You are what you make yourself to be. Getting involved on campus is the fastest way to connect, inspire, and grow. Armstrong is a close-knit community and we should strive to uplift everyone because the good we do to society, will always do good to us. 

Vice President, Tajae Francis

Hello, I am Tajae Francis. I am a senior majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations.  It is a pleasure to serve as your Vice President on this beautiful campus. As President of the Senate, it is a joy to ensure your voice and concerns are heard and acted on by your trusted representatives. I cannot emphasize enough that it is important to get involved. It is your key to being a part of the decision-making process for how things operate on campus. I am looking forward to what the year will bring and, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to stop by my office.  

Treasurer, Daniela Camacaro

Hello! My name is Daniela Camacaro and this year I have the pleasure to serve for this amazing campus as the Armstrong’s Student Government Association Treasurer. I am originally from Venezuela and I am currently majoring in International Affairs aspiring to one day work in the non-profit sector. Words might not be enough to fully express how happy I am to be a voice for the students and to cooperate with the university that has given me so much. 
I am really looking forward to this 2017-2018 term and I sure hope we can all work together and have some fun! Please, feel free to come to my office or contact me via telephone or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Secretary, Gabriela Montes

Hola! My name is Gabriela Montes, but prefer to go by Gabby. I have the privilege of being your Student Government Secretary for the next year. I have always loved being involved on campus and with the community. I strongly believe that it is important to make connections, I encourage students to go out of their way to get involved with school clubs or even meet a new person. You never know what knowledge you will gain or give! I am super exicted for what the year has to bring and hope you are too! Please feel free to stop by my office at anytime. 

Senate Agendas



Senate Minutes

 Minutes 2017-2018

 Minutes 2016-2017


Student Government Standing Committees

SGA Committee Meeting Minutes



Awards Committee- The Awards Committee nominates candidates and selects recipients for the Joseph A. Buck Outstanding Senior Award, the H. Dean Probst Outstanding Faculty Award, Henry L. Ashmore Outstanding Senator Award, the SGA Professional Staff Service Award and other awards as necessary.

Community Initiatives Committee-The Community Service Committee sponsors and coordinates special projects that benefit the community.

Elections and Recruitment Committee-The Elections Committee is responsible for the coordination of the annual election of the SGA executive officers and senators as well as any special elections necessary throughout the year. The committee recommends any revisions to the SGA Elections Code as well as hears any cases and determines sanctions for minor violations of the code. Members of the committee may not seek an opposed office or campaign for a candidate while serving on the committee.

Business and Finance Committee-The Finance Committee is responsible for verifying that all requests for funding meet the established guidelines and recommend action to the senate. They are also responsible for conducting the annual budget hearings and present their recommendations to the senate for annual budget approval.

Rules Committee-The Rules Committee is required to recommend amendments to the SGA Constitution as well as determine if a proposed item of legislation is constitutional.

Student Life Committee-The Student Services Committee is responsible for identifying and investigating concerns within the student body and reporting them to the student activities department. They are responsible for developing and presenting recommendations to the senate and university officials.

SGA Position Appointments

Recognized Student Organization Funding Board- The RSO Funding Board is made up of senators who are responsible for attending RSO hearings and assisting the treasurer in funding allocations. 

Vice President Advisory Committee-The Vice President Advisory Committee is responsible for assisting the president of the senate in a consultation capacity.

University Standing Committees

Committee on Disability Services- This committee makes recommendations to the president of the university concerning the needs of students with disabilities. This committee provides support to those with disabilities and offers recommendations on how to improve services. This committee provides one seat for with a SGA representative or student at large.

Committee on Minority Affairs- This committee meets at least twice a year with the Director of Multicultural Affairs to help plan and implement strategies for increasing the minority population at Armstrong. This committee provides one seat for a SGA Representative.

Intercollegiate Athletics Committee- This committee is responsible for reviewing the athletic budget and reports to the president of the university. The SGA treasurer serves on this committee as a nonvoting member. This committee provides three seats which can be SGA representatives or students at large.

Student Activities Committee- This committee is responsible for making recommendations on policies to the office of Student Activities. They are also responsible for recognizing organizations on campus and hear organizational conduct cases as well as selecting Who's Who and Silver 'A' Award recipients. This committee provides three seats which can be SGA representatives or students at large.