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Alumni: History & Traditions


Did you know that Armstrong had a fight song? Do you know how maroon and gold were selected as our colors? Has anyone ever told you about the time our football team played Georgia Tech? Did you know that Navigate used to be called Chaos?

The history of Armstrong is rich with traditions. The Alumni Office is working to help gather and share the history, culture, and traditions of the university with current and former students. If you would like to be part of this fun project, let us know at or 912.344.2586.

Geechee Digital Archives

One of Armstrong’s happiest traditions is The Geechee. For those who graduated between 1937 and 1995, you know exactly what we mean. Now, thanks to collaboration between the Lane Library and the Alumni Association, you can flip through your old yearbook online. You can even search for yourself and your friends. The entire collection has been digitized.

Many other materials are also available, including college catalogs, issues of Calliope, Mercury, Students Illustrated, A Book, and much more. Items are being added to the digital archive all the time.

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Alma Mater

Alma Mater through the ages,
Singing thy undying fame,
Will thy sons and daughters cherish
And defend thy golden name?
To each heart thy noble story
And thy calm and stately grace
Herald thine immortal glory.
Armstrong, hail, all hail to thee
Alma Mater, those before us
Left thine honor great and strong;
We who follow take their banner,
Raise it with a fighting song!
Consecrated is thy teaching,
Sacred is thy marble height,
Glorious thy spirit reaching
Ever upward to the light.
—Words by Margaret Spencer Lubs and Doris Falk, Class of 1939