Armstrong State University is now Georgia Southern University. For information about Fall 2018 and beyond, visit Current Armstrong students (spring and summer 2018) can continue to access information through For details about the consolidation, visit

Admissions: Consolidation


Consolidating Armstrong State University & Georgia Southern University

As of January 1, 2018, Armstrong State University has consolidated with Georgia Southern University to create one University with three campuses in Savannah, Statesboro, and Hinesville. Complete details can be found at

How to Apply

How to Apply

Apply to the Campus You Plan to Attend

Remember to pay close attention to the programs/majors offered on each campus. These should help guide your decision in which campus to attend.

Spring & Summer 2018 Terms

Fall 2018 Term

Applicants should only apply once to either Georgia Southern or Armstrong State. Do not apply to both campuses. 

July 2017 - February 2018

Late February 2018 Forward

  • Apply to the new Georgia Southern University and choose your campus on the last page of your application - Statesboro, Armstrong, or Liberty.

The consolidation of Georgia Southern University and Armstrong State University is pending approval from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and the University System of Georgia Board of Regents.

Choose Your Campus

Choose Your Campus

Many things will factor into your decision of which campus to attend. Here are a few things we suggest you consider.

  • Your Desired Program of Study
  • The Campus Size & Feel
  • The Community Outside of Campus

a building on Georgia Southern Statesboro campus with a logo banner and lighted street lamps in the foreground


  • Statesboro, located in Bulloch County, is a rural town of about 35,000.
  • The Statesboro Campus enrolled 20,300 students for fall 2017.
  • A quick guide to undergraduate programs can be found here. More in-depth information on the programs can be reviewed here. Information on current websites may not yet be updated for the fall 2018 semester.

a building with a clock tower on the Armstrong campus in Savannah with flowers in the foreground


  • Savannah, located in Chatham County, is historic city of nearly 150,000.
  • The Armstrong Campus enrolled 7,150 students for fall 2016.
  • A quick guide to undergraduate programs can be found here. More in-depth information on the programs can be reviewed here. Information on current websites may not yet be updated for the fall 2018 semester.

a group sitting by the sign at the Liberty Center campus in HInesville


  • Hinesville, located in Liberty County, is a town of about 35,000 and houses Fort Stewart.
  • The Liberty Campus enrolled nearly 500 students for fall 2017.
  • Students can pursue two Associate Degrees on this campus - Associate of Arts and Associate of Science in Core Curriculum - as well as all fully online programs.

Timeline & Important Dates

  • Mid-July 2017 - Apply to Georgia Southern's Statesboro campus by completing the Georgia Southern application.
  • August 1, 2017 - Apply to Armstrong or Liberty campus by completing the Armstrong State application.
  • January 2018 - Anticipated official consolidation when the NEW Georgia Southern University is formed! You will begin to see only one Georgia Southern presence at college fairs, on our website, etc. representing all campuses.
  • Late February 2018 - All new students applying for fall 2018 will submit an application to the new Georgia Southern and choose their desired campus on that one application. If you have already applied to Georgia Southern or Armstrong, or are currently enrolled, you do not have to reapply.

The consolidation of Georgia Southern University and Armstrong State University is pending approval from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and the University System of Georgia Board of Regents.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the consolidation happening? What are the benefits?
The main goal behind the creation of the new Georgia Southern is to serve students better and provide them with increased educational opportunities. The consolidation will combine the best of Georgia Southern and Armstrong while increasing efficiency and boosting economic development in the region.
When will the consolidation go into effect?
The timeline for past consolidations has been 12-18 months. The tentative timeline for the first entering class of this new university will be in fall of 2018. The Consolidation Implementation Committee is currently working on the details of the consolidation. The work of the committee will be submitted to the Board of Regents for its consideration in December 2017, with implementation finalized in January 2018, if approved.
Once the consolidation is finished, will the Savannah campus location continue or will it eventually be closed? What about the Hinesville campus?
The Savannah campus (to be called the Armstrong campus) will remain open and will be a vital part of the new Georgia Southern University. The Hinesville campus (to be called the Liberty campus) will also become part of Georgia Southern.
Will students have to commute and take classes on both campuses?
This issue has not been addressed yet. However, there is great sensitivity to to the challenges of commuting for students. This issue of commuting will likely be addressed by the Consolidation Implementation Committee.
Will I be able to choose which campus I attend?
Yes! Students will have the opportunity to pick whichever campus best meets their needs at the new Georgia Southern.
How can I decide which campus I want to attend if I don’t know what programs are being offered at each campus?
All academic programs currently offered by both institutions will continue to be offered for students starting in Fall 2018. Students should choose a campus based on the program of their choice. Programs currently delivered on a specific campus will continue to be offered through Spring 2022.
What are the admissions requirements going to be? When will these be determined?
Admissions requirements for the new Georgia Southern have not been determined yet. The Consolidation Implementation Committee and the University System Office will be working on the admissions process and requirements for the new university with a target date set for fall of 2018.
Will tuition increase? Will it be the same for both campuses?
This has not yet been determined but the University System of Georgia is committed to college affordability. In the development of the new university, the University System will maintain college affordability as a guiding principle when determining appropriate tuition and fee structure.
Will Georgia Southern now offer in-state tuition to bordering states and counties like Armstrong?
This has yet to be determined. However, students from Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama who are currently receiving out-of-state tuition waivers to attend Armstrong will continue to receive those waivers.
Which programs will be staying and which will be dropped?
For students entering after Fall 2018, program locations have not yet been determined. However, The majority of academic programs will be offered as they currently are on each campus through spring of 2022.
Will the faculty/student ratio be changing? How about class sizes?
There should not be a significant change in the faculty:student ratio or class sizes. The faculty:student ratios are similar at Georgia Southern and Armstrong.
Will diversity among students, faculty, and staff be a priority consideration during the consolidation process? What will be done to encourage diversity in the new Georgia Southern University and to make students from all backgrounds feel welcome?
Diversity will be a priority throughout the consolidation process. The Consolidation Implementation Committee will make recommendations designed to promote the safety, protection, and inclusion of all members of the new university community, including recommendations for enhancing existing programming from each institution.