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Admissions: ACCUPLACER Placement Exam

Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information and to sign up to take the ACCUPLACER placement exam: 912.344.2503

Time and Length of Exam

*Keep in mind that most components are not timed so some students may take longer or finish more quickly than others. Do not rush yourself.

What should I bring to the test center?

For test prep, Accuplacer highly recommends use of their web-based study app. Please select "Classic Practice Tests" as this is the type of test the Reading Comprehension, Elementary Algebra, and WritePlacer are. You may also use additional sample questions from the Classic ACCUPLACER Sample Questions located on the Accuplacer Student Practice website. Please note that Armstrong State University uses the Elementary Algebra test for Admissions, NOT Arithmetic.

Minimum ACCUPLACER Exam Scores