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Academic Integrity Policy

This page is a reference page for faculty, staff, and students for the Academic Integrity policy at Armstrong.  The Academic Integrity policy can be located in Chapter 6 of the Code of Student Integrity, titled "Academic Integrity - Prohibited Conduct and Procedures".  There are five provisions of the Academic Integrity policy: Plagiarism, Cheating, Fabrication, Facilitating Academic Dishonesty, and Coursework Copyright Infringement.  Each provision is described below with both the definition and examples of each provision.  Examples of potential sanctions are also given.


  1. Plagiarism is the offering of words, ideas, or computer data programs and/or graphics of others for one's own in any academic exercise.
  2. Cheating is (a) the use or attempted use of unauthorized materials, information, or student aids in any academic exercise; and/or (b) actions taken to gain unfair or undue advantage over others.
  3. Fabrication is the unauthorized falsification or invention of information or citation in any academic exercise.
  4. Facilitating Academic Dishonesty is to help or attempt to help another Student to violate any provision of this Code.
  5. Coursework Copyright Infringement is (a) the sharing of course content to a public forum without the instructor's prior consent; and/or (b) recording of class lectures and presentations without the instructor's prior consent.


Examples provided in this section are not meant to be all-inclusive.  Students will be held accountable to the definition of each violation and not the examples below.




Facilitating Academic Dishonesty

Coursework Copyright Infringement

Potential Sanctions

Sanctions for violations of the Academic Integrity policy depend upon the behavior that is in violation as well as any prior history of the Accused Student.  Sanctions could be: