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Phi Kappa Phi - Becoming a Member

How to Join

Did you receive a membership invitation?

Congratulations on earning an invitation to membership in The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi! It means you are among the very best and brightest at Armstrong—not just in your chosen field of study, but among all academic disciplines.

To accept your invitation to membership, simply complete and return the Permanent Record of Election form you received in the mail along with your payment in the envelope provided.

You may also accept your invitation online. Simply find Armstrong State University in the list and follow the instructions. In order to join online, you will need the access code provided in your invitation to membership in the mail.

If you misplaced your invitation to membership or have any questions, please contact an Armstrong Phi Kappa Phi Officer. If you are unable to reach a chapter officer, however, please call Society Headquarters at 800.804.9880.


Membership in the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is earned. Admission is by invitation and requires nomination and approval by our chapter. The governing bylaws of the Society set extremely high standards for membership:

If you think you meet the criteria described above and have not been invited to membership, you may contact an Armstrong Phi Kappa Phi Officer.