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Honors Program: Alumni

Name Graduation Date Major Title of Project/Mentor Post-Graduation Plans
Amy Byrne May 2016 Law and Society   Attending the University of Minnesota for Law School
Robbie Carl May 2016 Biology “Just Look”: Overcoming Plant Blindness in Students/Link-Perez Attending Post-Baccelaureate Classes
Candace Cosby May 2016 Biology   Intends to attend Dental school 
Michon Craig May 2016 Pre-Medicine The Synthesis of Novel Chalcones via the Aldol Condensation Reaction/Zingales Attending Medical School at Morehouse School of Medicine
Tori Dixon May 2016 Economics Economic Benefits of Making Savannah a More Bike-Friendly City/Beck Event Planner at SCAD and Creative Coast
Jessica Edwards May 2016 Biology Juvenile Diamondback Terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin) rescued from golf course sand traps were tagged and released/Draud Intent to become an environmental compliance specialist 
Sarah Harmon May 2016 Rehabilitation Sciences A Life Lost: Experiences of Retrograde Amnesia following Central Nervous System Insult/Mans Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Mercer University 
Alec Jarboe May 2016 Biology Epigenetic Variation in Aspidoscelis sexlineata across different Fire-Dependent Habitats/Schrey Plans to enlist in the Army 
Portia Keene May 2016 Business Economics Strengthening United States Corporate Tax Policy: A Comparative Analysis of Causes for Inversion/Mangee Fuel Administrator at Parkers Oil Company
K.C. McGuire May 2016 English 

"Which Witch is Which?: Power and Magic in Shakespeare's The Tempest./Howell

Attending the University of Kent for Medieval Studies in Canterbury, England
Darby Wiggins May 2016 Rehabilitation Sciences The Phantom of the Limb: An In-Depth Look at PLP/Mans Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Armstrong State University 
Taylor Alvarez December 2015 Political Science Cyber Security Initiatives in the Americas: U.S. National Security Implications/ Cruz Enrolling in a master's program this coming fall for International Security and Intellige
Michelle Burghardt December 2015 Economics Economic Trends 2015 - The Drivers of Metro Savannah's Economy Masters in International Business at the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina
Caroline Braun December 2015 English Something Troubling and Strange: Repression and the Uncanny in Kazuo Ishiguno's "Never Let Me Go"/ Barrett Attending Armstrong to recieve MAT i
Rachel Flora December 2015 English Communications The Importance of Being Literate/ Medenhall Events Editor at Connect Savannah
Jacob Lee December 2015 Biology

DNA methylation of Eastern Fence lizards/ Schrey

Traveling the world for 1-2 yrs, then attending medical school in Texas
Chandler Goldman December 2015 Biology The Miracle Tree/ Schrey, Carpenter, Roberts Intern at Oatland Wildlife Center. Applying to graduate school in Neuroscience in Fall 
April Graves May 2014 Psychology An Animal Model of Behavioral Reinstatement/Elcoro Masters in Psychology at Georgia Regents University in Augusta
Michael Lerque May 2014 Applied Physics Using the Wii Remote to Analyze Springs/ Lerque  
Jason Miller May 2014 Biology A Path Into the World of Job shadowing/ Tucker

Physician Assistant school at South University

Thomas Reams May 2014 Chemistry and Physics Biocatalytic Reduction of a Non-aromatic Nitro GRoup by a Nitroreductase from Salmonella typhimurium/ Feske

Medical School at Mercer at Savannah

Lindsey Snopek May 2014 Rehabilitation Science Use of Virtual Games in Treatment of Children with Cerebral Palsy/ Lake

Grad student at Emory working towards Doctorate in Physcial Therapy

Gestine Tablada May 2014 Rehabilitation Sciences Yoga for Chronic Back Pain/ Lake

Physical Therapy Aide at Memorial Hospital and working towards Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Jessica Young May 2014 Cell and Molecular Biology Purification of the Varicella-zoster Virus Terminase Subunits/ Gremillion  
Mallie Brosset December 2013 Political Science Between Islam and Democracy: The Military and Religious Groups in Muslim-Majority Countries/ Burke

Applying to graduate school

Melinda Dang December 2013 Chemistry Porphyrin Coated Rods as Cancer Therapeutics/ Stone

Ophthalmic technician at the Georgia Eye Institute. Attending Southern College of Optometry in Fall 2014

Austin Esch December 2013 Psychology Influence of Caffiene on the Acquisition of Temporal Control/ Eleoro  
Aeman Fatima   December 2013 Biology DNA Methylation in Birds/ Schrey

Enrolled at South University pursuing MBA in Health Care Administration

Anna Reiter December 2013 History Alice Paul: Gender Politics and the Passage of the Nineteenth Amendment/ Hopkins

Internship with the Coastal Heritage Society

Chaz Bass May 2013 Radiological Sciences A Quantitative Analysis of Radiation Safety and Behavior/ Tilson

Enrolled at South University pursuing MBA in Health Care Administration

Ashlee Brett May 2013 Rehabilitation Sciences Strategies for Injury Prevention in the Military/ Lake

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Armstrong Atlantic State University

Ashley Brickner May 2013 Radiological Sciences Patient Perception on the Integrative/ Complementary / Tilson  
Dakota Brown May 2013 Computer Science Designing Computer Mazes: Elegance Supporting Function

Software designer for Verizon Wireless full-time

Kathryn Brown May 2013 Nursing Teaching Future Nurses to Educate Patients/ Mulford  
Matthew Bryarly May 2013 Economics and Political Science External Factors on the Price of Corn/ Mangee  
Emily Cattanach May 2013 Rehabilitation Sciences The Neurological Effects of Concussion in Soccer at the College Level/ Lake

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Armstrong State University

Yasmin Cofer May 2013 Biology Extrachromosomal Telomeric Circle in Cancer Cells/ Ness; A Civil Rights Era Study of the Georgia Infirmary/ Howard

Attending Emory University for an M.D on the Army Health Professions Scholarship Program

Victoria DiNatale

May 2013

English- communications

Standing Victorious: Branding, Marketing, and Social Media Development/ Mrockzek


Julie Finnell

May 2013


Membrane Pore Formation of Human Perforin: Characterization of the Transmembrane B-hairpin (TMH) Region/ Weiland 

Attending a graduate program at University of South Carolina Medical School

Meghan Hembree

May 2013

Criminal Justice

Cyberbullying after High School: Exploring the Frequency of Cyberbullying Victimization and Offending in College Students/ Bennett

Working as an intern at VF Corporation in Global Business Technology and MBA at Elon University

Kyndal Howard

May 2013

Early Childhood Education

Inquiry- Based Instruction/ Ogletree

Sara Longaberger

May 2013


International Perspectives in Immigration: A Study through Film/ Roldan

5-th- 9th grade teacher in Honduras for a school specifically for orphan girls.

Kathleen McCormac 

May 2013


Photodegredation of Brominated Organic Pollutants by Nanoparticles

Nicole Ormand

May 2013


Dentition Patterns Found in the Upper and Lower Jaws of the Southern Flounder, Paralicthys lethostigma/ Francis

Erin O'Rourke

May 2013

Rehabilitation Sciences

The Terasuit Method: A Systematic Review/ Lake

Kelly O'Toole

May 2013


Stem Cell Transplantation for Subjects with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy/ Lake

Celia Reynolds

May 2013


Cell Type Specific Difference in CS-induced Splicing of XBP-1 and its effect on autophagy/ Gremillion

Working in Esters, Amides, and Biorefinery team at Arizona Chemical Company

Casie Richards

May 2013


Physical Treatment of a Second Degree Strain of the Rectus Abnominus

Olivia Singleton

May 2013


Validation of the Enjoyment of Sexualization Scale/ Scott;  Better to Give or Recieve?: The Role of Dispositional Gratitude/ Wolfe

Plans to go into Industrial/ Organizational Psychology

Demetra Squires May 2013 Criminal Justice

The Expansion of the Mental Health Court and Assessing Effective Impact/ Bennett

Guilianna Calvo December 2012 Biology

Mutagenesis of GRE2P a Short-Chain Dehydrogenase Reductase to Characterize Stereochemistry: Optimization of In-vivo Reconstitution Assay

Kyle Dobson December 2012 English

Therapy of Expression: A Regeneration of the Self and Writer's Voice/ Haus-Georg Erney

Ryan Groom December 2012 Chemistry

Study of the Utility of Nanoparticles for the Degradation of Haloaromatic Compounds/ Lynch

Cody Henson December 2012 Biology

Modeling the Feeding Biomechanics of Two Bilaterally Symmetrical Flatfishes/ Francis 

Rebecca Koger December 2012 Rehabilitation Sciences

Starting a Pre-Physician Assistant Club at Armstrong/ Roberts

Physician Assistant Program at South University

Abigail Longaberger December 2012 Early Childhood Education

Integrating Reading: Educational Activities bas on Children's literature/ Hobe

Jessica Van Antwerp December 2012 Biology

Bifunctionalized Gold Nanorods as Novel Imaging and Therapeutic Agents/ Roberts, Stone, Zettler


Brittany Waters 

May 2012 Psychology Two Methods for Broken Line Regression/ Hoffman  

Daviana Garcia 

May 2012 Psychology

A Cross-Generational Analysis of the Grateful Disposition/ Scott

Law program at the University of Georgia 

Cassandra Connolly

May 2012 Chemistry

 Identification of Residues that Specify Substrate Binding in the Aldo-Keto Reductase IDLI24W/ Feske

Living in Atlanta Georgia working on her Doctorate of Biomolecular Chemistry at Emory University

Anna Kay Gibson

May 2012 History

Austen Academy/ Belzer 


Marshall Green

May 2012 Psychology

Non-visual spatial learning of array geometry via touch/ Roberts 

Attending Georgia Southern working towards a Master's degree in Pyschology

Michael Page

May 2012 Biology and History 

An Analysis of Gioranni Pico Della Mirandola's Philosophy/ Belzer 


Amber Kay Palmer

May 2012 Nursing 

 Encouraging Maternal Awareness of Evidence Based Practice to Improve Delivery Outcomes/ Tyson

Working as an RN in Labor and Delivery at Candler Hospital 

Caleb Richards 

May 2012 Applied Physics

 Application of Thermography in Clinical and Laboratory Settings/ Baird and Taggart


Karie Gillette

December 2011 CSDS

A Quality of Life Study Among Individuals with Aphasia/ Garrity


Laura Gonzalez

December 2011 Nursing

SIDS/ Hendley


Dustin Workinger

December 2011 Physical Therapy

College Posture/ Mincer

Attending Armstrong's Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program

Jessica Garten

May 2011 History

History and Historiography of the Weimar Republic/ Finlay

History graduate program at Ohio University

Stephanie Balser

May 2011 Biology

Herd Mentality: Behavior in Jackson's Hartebeest/ Zettler

Complete a teacher certification program or get Masters also plans to teach HS biology.

Patricia Antonio

May 2011 Music Education

Technology in the Music Classrom/ Reams

Wants to start an after school music program through her church

Joseph Catlett

May 2011 Radiological Sciences

A pilot study of optimum KVP levels for digital radiographic systems/Tilson

Applying @ Memorial to be Radiographer, may get Masters to teach in Radiology

Lindsey Keen May 2011 Rehabilitation Sciences


Enrolled in Armstrong’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Brandi Meuse May 2011 Psychology

Discipline Specific Strategies for Clicker Success/Scott

Applied to Masters in Behavioral Sciences @ Simmons College in Boston

Courtney Philpot May 2011 Radiologic Sciences

The benefits of utilizing on Endorectal Balloon during External Beam Radiotherapy to the Prostate/Braswell

Wants to work as radiographer in a cancer center in ATL or FL.

Nina Hernandez May 2011 Rehabilitation Sciences

The Effects of Sports Participation for Amputees/ Mincer

Grad school PS at Nova Southeastern Univ.

Amanda Herring May 2011 Psychology

A review of a frugality measure’s factor structure/Scott

Applied to Augusta State Masters program. Wants to do experimental psych research

Lacey Toole May 2011 Art Education

Left to Their Own Devices: The Isolation of Tokugawa Japan and its Effect on Japanese Art/Jamieson and Cato

Working at a Montessori School as assistant teacher,Applied to Calvary Day school as an art teacher.

Jibreel Ahmad December 2010 Theatre

“What are you going to do with a theatre degree?” / Mellen

Apprentice @ Horizon Theatre Company in Atlanta

Tamer Amer December 2010 Biology

Bug Eating Plants; How do they do it?/ Gregerson

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine- Ga. Campus in Atlanta working to become a doctor

Donald Cobb December 2010 Psychology

Effects of Religion on Financial Attitudes and Behavior / Scott

Applying to PA School

Jaclyn Clonts May 2010 Nursing

Intimate Partner Violence / Tyson

Applying for local nursing positions

Erica Daly May 2010 Political Science

Hamas as a Legitimate Governing Organization /Daughterty

Master of Education in Teaching English Learners from American College of Education. ESL Instructor

Summer El-Talib May 2010 Nursing

Spanish for Nurses / Sammons

Applying for local nursing positions

Summer Farra May 2010 Nursing

Developing ways through play to teach kids about cancer / McCann

Applying for local nursing positions

Ninoska Gutierrez May 2010 Biology

Antagonistic Regulation of StAR Gene Expression and Synergistic Regulation of Mc2R Gene Expression by FoxL2 and SF-1/ Ling

Caison Morgan May 2010 Psychology

Safety and Self-Defense around a College Campus / Wong & Roberts

Applying for Grad School for Child Psychology

Heather Ringwald May 2010 English

The DNA of a Legend: Using technology to explore Arthurian genealogy / Jamison

Applying for Grad School

Kristie Roberts May 2010 Early Childhood Ed

Diagnosing and Prescribing for Reading Problems: A Child-Case Study/

Applying for jobs in local schools

Amy  Steely May 2010 Psychology

Profile of Chatham Country CSA Victims and their Offenders / Roberts

Univ. of Oklahoma /Master's in Community Counseling program.

Amy Vogelsang May 2010 English Communications

Painting with Light / Jensen

Accountant @ Hunter Maclean Exley and Dunn Lawfirm

Lauren Caines December 2009 Nursing

The Schizophrenia Handbook for Nurses/ Stover

Nursing in a mental health facililty

Heather Fall December 2009 Music

Examining Pedagogical Approaches of Elementary Piano Methods, Evaluating their Instructional Techniques, and Offering Original Supplemental Material for Piano Instructors/ Hampton

Music education in Chatham County

Ashton Gibson December 2009 Nursing

Educating Nurses about the Benefits of Breast Feeding/ Massey

Working at local hospital

Brandon Griffin December 2009 English

Hemingway and Ethics/ Andrews

Tristen Hastings December 2009 Psychology

The effects of reflective processing versus rumination on emotional responses to sad memories: Influence of pre-existing depressive symptoms and ruminative tendencies /Wolfe

Jessica Lastocy December 2009 Radiologic Sciences

The Sonography Registry Mandate/

Ultrasound Tech at OB/GYN in Beaufort

Amanda Mathis December 2009 English

What would Atticus say, using the N word in the classroom/ Remler

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction/Teaching Job

Ernesto Otriz-Ariza December 2009 Political Science

Uphill battle against the drug cartels/ Daughterty, DaCruz

John Wilson December 2009 Liberal Studies

Inter-County Net Population Migration in Georgia/ Toma

Working at St. Joseph Hospital/ Grad School

Kelly Arno May 2009 English

Post-modernism/ Holliger

French teacher at Beach High School

Shante Breitenbach

May 2009 Psychology A Closer Look at a Student Rating Website/ Kraft & Roberts

USC Human Resources M.A. Program

Jamie Busbin

December 2008 Theatre

The Lie With the Ounce of Truth: A Dramatization Discussion of Lillian Hellman’s ‘The Children’s Hour’/ Mellen


Robert William Womack

December 2008 History

Sigismondo Malatesta:  Portrait of a Misunderstood Man/ Belzer


Sharon Stricklin

December 2008 Chemistry

Analyses of Honey for Detection of Adulteration /Lynch

United State Customs Laboratory - Savannah

Leah Dinatake

May 2008 English

Green Pedagogy: Incorporative Sustainability into Armstrong Atlantic State University /Winterhalter

English Graduate Student at Georgia Southern

Jennifer Hinman

May 2008 Economics

Inflation Determinants in the United States:1973-2005/ Saatdatmand

Has earned MS in Applied Economics from Illinois State University.

Mario Muscarella

May 2008 Biology

Why is there E. coli on My Bean Sprouts?: Role of Curli Fibers in the Adhesion of Escherichia coli 0157:H7 to Bean Sprout Roots/ Awong-Taylor


Joseph O’Connor

May 2008 History

Communications Backlash: The Use of Communications Technology during the Iranian Revolution/ Dr. Michael Hall, Dr. Jason Tatlock, and Professor Kathleen Burke

MS in International Affairs at the Sam Nunn School at the Georgia Institute of Technology

Erin Shumans

May 2008 Nursing

Neonatal Nursing: A Complarison of Kangaroo Care in America and Thailand/ Stover


Cassie Sulfridge

May 2008 Psychology

An Interdisciplinary Look at Self-Control/ Roberts, Taggart


Carmen Cobb

December 2007 Spanish

Idealism and Images: The History and Influence of Anarchy and Propaganda Art in Spain from the Spanish Civil War Era/ Deaver

At Medical College of Georgia

Ashley Cyr

December 2007 Nursing

Medical Waste Management/ Taggart

Working at local hospital

Sonja Edwards

December 2007 Nursing

Nursing Considerations for Cystic Fibrosis/ Stover

Working at local hospital

Lindsay Long

December 2007 Psychology

CHRNA4 and Cognition: A Cholinergic Gene Polymorphism Affects Mental Rotation Task Performance/ Roberts

Applying to graduate school for fall ‘08

Allison Matthews December 2007 Psychology

Religiosity, Social Desirability, and Broad Social Empathy in the Southeastern U.S./ Scott

Applying to graduate school for fall ‘08

Felix Montanez-Resto December 2007 English

The Kingdom of This World and the Machinations of Carpenter/ Wheeler

Rachel Nagir December 2007 Medical Technology

H5N1 Avian Influenza Virus and Its Rapid Emergence in Health Care/ Azziz

Carmela Orsini December 2007 English

Forming the Hybrid Space: Reverse Imperialism in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening/ Howells

Will be attending law school in Fall ‘08
Ana Sanders December 2007 Spanish

The Gaucho "Martin Fierro": His Origins and the Struggle to Keep His Cultural Identity and His Religious Faith Alive / Deaver and Torres

Working for HOLA at Armstrong

Michelle Tetreault December 2007 Physical Therapy

The Effects of a Long Duration Hamstring Stretch in a Group Stretching Class/ Lake and Wright

Doctoral student, Physical Therapy, Medical College of GA

Jack Benton May 2007 Chemistry

The Green Chemistry Whole Cell Biocatalytic Synthesis of a Chiral Lactone via an Enantiomerially Pure Precursor/ Feske

M.D. student, Medical College of Georgia

Tatsiana Shakmuts May 2007 Economics

State Level Economic Indicators of Obesity/ Cebula

Ph.D. student, International Relations[?], Columbia University

Stephanie Roberts May 2007 English

Laughing 'Til It Hurts: Body Humor and the Female Imagination in Julia O'Faolain and Clare Boylan's Short Fiction/ Winterhalter and Howells

M.S. student, Social Work, University of South Carolina

Brittany Holman May 2007 History

Tied Up and Weighed Down: Freedom versus Fashion, 1840-1879/ Fertig

M. L. S. student, Simmons School of Library Science, Boston

Chris McCormick May 2007 English

’In charge of our own chaos’: The Authority Crisis in Don DeLillo’s White Noise/ Howells


Keely Collette May 2007 Political Science

The Jordanian River Basin:  A Source of Power, Security, and Conflict in the Middle East./ Daugherty

Julies Skutch May 2007 Psychology

The Effects of Mood Awareness on Mood Regulation, Emotion Regulation, and Subjective Well Being”/ V Scott

Trainer in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Behavioral Technology, Seattle
Traci Knuth May 2007 Health Science

"The Case Study of a Female Knee Injury and an ACL Reconstruction Surgery"/ Streater

Activity Therapist, Georgia State Hospital

Beth Hartenbower May 2007 Early Childhood Education

Literacy Through Photography/ Hobe


Sandra Demetrius May 2007 Theatre

The Necklace: A Film/ Mellen and Habersham

Katya Isayev May 2007 Liberal Studies

L'ecriture feminine and la pienture feminine: Envisioning New Discourse/ Hammers/Winterhalter

Jessica Martinez May 2007 English

It's in the Blood: Cultural Displacement in the Poetry of Alejandra Pizarnik and Sylvia Plath/ J Smith

MFA student, Poetry, University of Notre Dame
Rob Oldham December 2006 Liberal Studies

Gone But Not Forgotten: A Film on Museum of Mourning Photography/ Finlay, Nordquist, Hollinger

Writer for The South magazine; film producer

Lauren Ludwig December 2006 Physical Therapy

The Effectiveness of Positive Expiratory Pressure Devices in Helping Airway Clearance/ Lake

Doctoral of Physical Therapy student, Armstrong/MCG program


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