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First-Year Experience: First Class

First Class is Armstrong's quality enhancement program specifically designed to prepare first-year students for academic success. Each First Class community comprises a first-year seminar and a core general education course. Instruction in the First Class courses is delivered in a way that the two courses reinforce one another for your college success. By participating in this learning community, first-year students will explore campus resources, engage with the Armstrong campus and improve information literacy skills to enable them to answer questions and solve problems.  Students will learn the ins and outs of managing college life; learn how to find, evaluate and use information; and increase their engagement with the university through participation in a First Class learning community.  

First Class is the cornerstone of Armstrong's First Year Experience for all new students.   First Class is a graduation requirement for all students entering Armstrong as of Fall 2013.  Students are enrolled into First Class sections core classes and accompanying seminars which best fit their academic program and schedule by advising staff.


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Information Literacy

Information literacy is a survival skill in the Information Age. Instead of drowning in the abundance of information that floods their lives, information literate people know how to find, evaluate, and use information effectively to solve a particular problem or make a decision---whether the information they select comes from a computer, a book, a government agency, a film, or any number of other possible resources.
(American Library Association, 2006)

Choosing a club to join? Building an argument for a research paper? Deciding on a career path? The ability to find, evaluate, and use information effectively will determine the success of these endeavors. Just as the ability to use information wisely has become an integral part of 21st century life, we recognize the importance of making information literacy a more integral part of an Armstrong education. The First Class seminar is designed to teach information literacy skills you can strengthen throughout your years at Armstrong and use the rest of your life.

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) has described five major ways in which we interact with information. No matter what career or academic discipline we pursue, a First Class education prepares us to:

Fall 2015 First Class will provide students and instructors opportunities to explore strategies for making information literacy a more explicit part of core classes in the Armstrong curriculum.

First Class Learning Community

First Class is a learning community that links a first year seminar course with one of a number of core courses. These linked classes are closely related and the same students will take both courses, often have the same professor for their seminar course and core course. 

For Fall 2015 each of the following core courses is partnered with a section of FYS 1100 (First-Year Seminar):

Students will request their preferences for the learning community as they register for Navigate Armstrong.  All first-time, full-time first-year students starting at Armstrong with less than 30 credit hours are required to take First Class in their first full semester.