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Psychology - Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Bachelor of Science Degree

The B.S. degree in psychology emphasizes the research skills and experiences that prep our students for rigorous graduate programs in a variety of areas of psychology (e.g., clinical, social, developmental, industrial-organizational, etc.). Completion of the Program of Study for the B.S. degree entails completing at least two (associated with PSYC 4001, Measurement Lab, and PSYC 4091, Learning and Behavior Lab), and preferably more, research projects that involve data collection, statistical analysis, and professional presentation of the project. Undergraduate research experience is a primary consideration in the admissions decisions of most graduate programs in psychology. Students work closely with the department’s faculty members to design, carry out, write up, present, and potentially publish their research projects. Students have the opportunity to present their research at conferences like the Carolinas Psychology Conference, Georgia Psychological Association, Southeastern Psychological Association, and Association for Psychological Science, among others.