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Psychology - Bachelor of Arts Degree

Bachelor of Arts Degree

The B.A. degree in psychology aims to prepare students to enter the workforce soon after graduation. Students have opportunities to work in careers in business, including such areas as personnel management, sales, and marketing, and a variety of human service occupations such as academic advisor, case worker, child care worker, corrections officer, and director of volunteer services. In addition, the B.A. in psychology can help prepare students for careers in other professions, such as law, medicine, and nursing. In order to earn the B.A. in psychology, students need to complete an approved senior internship in the community, so that they are exposed to at least one work setting for which their education has prepared them, and also a sequence of two courses in either a foreign language or accounting, skills that would make the students even more marketable for many of the occupations for which the B.A. degree in psychology has prepared them to work. Indeed, surveys conducted by the Research Office of the American Psychological Association (APA) have found that “nearly 40% of psychology majors from four-year schools opt for immediate full-time employment."