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Music & Music Ed: Majors & Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree provides students with a strong foundation in music, combined with a broad liberal arts core curriculum. Areas of specialization include performance on keyboard, voice or other instrument. Degree tracks include performance, musical composition and a liberal arts track.

Bachelor of Music Education

The Bachelor of Music Education degree offers a broad-based curriculum with a strong and relevant content for undergraduates desiring certification as P-12 music teachers in band, choral and elementary music. Our music education graduates have had excellent success finding jobs in various areas of Georgia.

Post-Baccalaureate Certification in Music

Our teacher certification program, in the field of music for all grades (P-12), is offered through the College of Education, in partnership with the College of Liberal Arts. This post-baccalaureate program is designed for individuals who hold an undergraduate or graduate degree in music and want to become music teachers.

Minor in Music

Enhance any degree program with a minor in music.