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Department of Mathematics


The faculty in our Department of Mathematics share the same enthusiasm for the discipline as revealed in a recent Wall Street Journal article (April 15, 2014), where the career of mathematician was ranked as the #1 best job of 2014, out of 200 rated professions. The ratings considered income as well as outlook for employment growth, working environment, and stress factors. At #2 on the list was university professor, and at #3 and #4 were the careers of statistician and actuary.*

So, you may ask "How do I become a mathematician?" Here at Armstrong you start by declaring mathematics as your major, which means that you have the opportunity to take ten or more advanced-level mathematics courses from us. The courses range from Differential Equations to Number Theory, with choices being somewhat determined by which track you choose: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, or Mathematics Education (leading to certification credentials for teaching mathematics in grades 6-12). Our faculty are here to prepare you for graduate school, for a job in industry (perhaps as an actuary or a statistician) or to teach in a Georgia high school. Even if you choose not to be a mathematics major, you will probably take an introductory course such as Quantitative Reasoning, College Algebra, or Elementary Statistics. In any case, you will find excellent, caring, engaging professors with a great wealth of knowledge, and exciting and challenging topics to investigate.

*You may be wondering, "So what exactly is an actuary?" Actuaries calculate the likelihood of uncertain events, and work to find ways to minimize risk. Actuaries often work in insurance-related fields. In its annual ranking of Best Jobs of 2014, the Wall Street Journal listed Actuary as Number 4 out of 200 careers. We are pleased to now offer a Certificate in Actuarial Sciences program, approved by the Society of Actuaries, the Casualty Actuarial Society, and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. For more information visit the Certificate in Actuarial Sciences page.

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Dr. James Brawner
Department Head