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Health Sciences: Master of Science in Sports Medicine

The Master of Science in Sports Medicine curriculum is one of 18 graduate programs in the United States that meets the curricular and experiential competencies for the National Strength and Conditioning (NSCA) Education Recognition Program

Besides offering classes with knowledgeable and experienced professors, our Masters of Science program also provides students with practical experiences both in research projects as well as in the weight room.  In terms of our research and practical experience capabilities, we have three main focus areas: strength and conditioning, biomechanics and exercise physiology.

Strength and Conditioning

Armstrong State University is home to the NCAA Division II Armstrong Pirates.  The newly renovated Armstrong Athletics weight room is equipped with Olympic lifting platforms, squat racks and a full selection of free weights.  The Department of Health Sciences has a strong connection to athletics, with MSSM students having opportunities to be heavily involved with team testing and programming.


The Biomechanics Laboratory within the Biodynamics & Human Performance Center contains a 12 camera motion analysis system, three forceplates, two extended range electromagnetic trackers, two wireless electromyography systems, Biodex Dynamometer and several balance testing instruments.

Exercise Physiology

The Exercise Physiology laboratory includes a Parvo True 2400 (Sandy, UT) metabolic cart, which can be used for basal metabolic rate (BMR) and VO2 Maximum assessments.  The Biodynamics laboratory also has full wet-lab capabilities, including facilities for blood drawing and processing, immunoassays and Western Blot analysis.  We have also recently added a Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) scanner, which provides the most accurate body composition assessments, as well as providing measurements of bone density.


The Biodynamics Laboratory

Our research opportunities are provided thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities in the Biodynamics & Human Performance Center.

As part of the program, you are mentored through the completion of an applied capstone research project.  A majority of our students are involved with presenting research at national meetings:

Many of the research projects are submitted for publication in professional journals such as:  

Having the experience of not only conducting a research project but also the opportunity and encouragement of taking the research completely through the dissemination (presentation and publication) process provides graduates an enhanced ability to evaluate research as it relates to future developments in sports medicine.

Career Opportunities

A Master of Science in Sports Medicine can lead to careers in athletic training, professional strength and conditioning, coaching, sports nutrition, worksite fitness and safety and sports psychology. Sports Medicine graduates will be able to expand their abilities in the area of practice in which they are already working. These graduates may also be able to expand their abilities into new areas of practice. In addition, this program will provide the foundations for advanced certification in sports medicine and related fields and will provide the education to consider further study at the doctoral level.

Advanced degrees in sports medicine are in demand because athletes at the professional, college and high school level continue to advance, and also as the popularity of personal trainers and sport nutritionists continues to rise. Over the next decade, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job opportunities for fitness and recreation professionals, and athletes and coaches will continue to grow.

Program Admission Criteria

Regular Admission:

Program of Study

Required Courses (21 hours)

Strength and Conditioning Concentration (12 hours)

Advanced Athletic Training Concentration (12 hours)

Electives (3 hours from the following list):

Strength and Conditioning Certificate

For those currently enrolled in the MSSM Program and interested in obtaining the Strength and Conditioning Certificate, the following coursework must be completed:

Please contact Dr. Jeremy Gentles for further information.

Application Process

All applicants must apply through Graduate Admissions (or the "Apply Now" link below).  Completed application packets received by deadline will be fully considered for admission to the program and financial assistance.  Applications received after the priority deadline but before the University deadline will be considered as they are received until the program reaches full capacity.

For more information about the application process and application forms, contact:

Applicants holding a graduate degree do not need to submit GRE scores.

Students who are accepted to the program may attend either part-time or full-time.