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Health Sciences: Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA)

Careers in Health Services Administration

When you obtain an MHSA degree from Armstrong, you will find that it is not only your knowledge that has increased but also your earning potential. Types of careers include:

Program of Study

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Teaching/Learning/Assessment Methods Employed

Consistent with its mission, the MHSA curriculum focuses its teaching, learning, and assessment methods on the preparation of early-to-mid careerists for a broad range of professional employment opportunities across the continuum of health services delivery.  Small class sizes (typically 15 or fewer) allow for significant use of team-based activities as well as project-based assignments that allow students to gain real-world experience while in the program.  The program's capstone requirement provides opportunities for students to identify, conceptualize, and execute a project of strategic importance to the field of health services administration.

Grading Policies

The MHSA program utilizes the same grading rubric as the University, as described in the Armstrong Graduate Studies catalog:


Grade Quality Points per Semester Hour
A (Excellent)                        4.0
B (Good)                        3.0
C (Satisfactory)                        2.0
D (Passing)                        1.0
F (Failure)                        0.0
W (Withdrew, no academic penalty)                        0.0
WF (Withdrew, failing)                        0.0
WH (Withdrew Hardship, no academic penalty)                        0.0
WM (Withdrew Military, no academic penalty)                        0.0
I (Incomplete)                        0.0
IP (In Progress)                        0.0
S (Satisfactory)                        0.0
U (Unsatisfactory)                        0.0


With the exception of MHSA 7900/7913 (ALE), all other required coursework is graded on an A-F scale.  

Effective Fall 2011, the Graduate Affairs Committee has adopted a "2 C's" policy for all graduate programs at Armstrong.  This policy stipulates that any student that receives two grades of C or D in coursework approved by their advisor will be academically dismissed from their program.  Students are allowed to apply for re-admission to any graduate program at Armstrong, post-dismissal, but must sit out a minimum of one full semester before applying for re-admission.  Any student that receives an F or WF grade in any course(s) approved by their advisor will be academically dismissed from their program.

Application Information

All applicants must apply through HAMPCAS, a centralized application system.  

The Armstrong Graduate Studies application is not used.  Please ignore link below.

Admission Standards

For consideration of admission to the MHSA program, the applicant must have completed an application for admission to Graduate Studies at Armstrong, submitted official copies of all academic transcripts related to undergraduate coursework at the time of program application, submitted official GRE or GMAT scores, prepared a formal Letter of Intent and submitted an updated professional/personal resume, detailing educational and work experiences for a period of not less than three (3) years from the time of application.  The applicant must also have satisfactorily completed requirements for the baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited institution, and must also score a minimum of 70 out of 110 possible points according to the following formula (NOTE: scoring the minimum required DOES NOT GUARANTEE acceptance to the MHSA program, only CONSIDERATION for admission):

  1. Cumulative undergraduate GPA multiplied times 10 (max 40 points); and
  2. Verbal and Quantitative GRE scores divided by 25, or Verbal and Quantitative GMAT scores divided by 12.5 (max 50 points).  For persons who have taken the revised GRE exam after August 1, 2011, scores are converted to the traditional GRE score scale for forumula purposes based on the verbal and quantitative sections as follows:

Verbal Reasoning Concordance Table:

Prior Scale Current Scale Prior Scale Current Scale Prior Scale Current Scale Prior Scale Current Scale
800 170 640 162 480 152 320 140
790 170 630 162 470 151 310 139
780 170 620 161 460 151 300 138
770 170 610 160 450 150 290 137
760 170 600 160 440 149 280 135
750 169 590 159 430 149 270 134
740 169 580 158 420 148 260 133
730 168 570 158 410 147 250 132
720 168 560 157 400 146 240 131
710 167 550 156 390 146 230 130
700 166 540 156 380 145 220 130
690 165 530 155 370 144 210 130
680 165 520 154 360 143 200 130
670 164 510 154 350 143    
660 164 500 153 340 142    
650 163 490 152 330 141    

Quantitative Reasoning Concordance Table:

Prior Scale Current Scale Prior Scale Current Scale Prior Scale Current Scale Prior Scale Current Scale
800 166 640 151 480 143 320 136
790 164 630 150 470 142 310 136
780 163 620 149 460 142 300 136
770 161 610 149 450 141 290 135
760 160 600 148 440 141 280 135
750 159 590 148 430 141 270 134
740 158 580 147 420 140 260 134
730 157 570 147 410 140 250 133
720 156 560 146 400 140 240 133
710 155 550 146 390 139 230 132
700 155 540 145 380 139 220 132
690 154 530 145 370 138 210 131
680 153 520 144 360 138 200 131
670 152 510 144 350 138    
660 152 500 144 340 137    
650 151 490 143 330 137    

See for updated information about the revised GRE and GRE specialty exams.

Note:  In lieu of the above GRE/GMAT requirements, an earned doctorate or masters from a regionally-accredited institution may qualify the student for regular admission.Add 1-3 together to get formula score
Total possible score - 110
Minimum score for admission consideration = 70

At the discretion of the MHSA program coordinator, the MHSA program reserves the right to waive the GRE/GMAT requirement if EITHER of the following criteria are met by a prospective applicant:

  1. Minimum undergraduate GPA: 3.2 AND minimum years of relevant experience: 3 or more (preference for health-related experience); OR,
  2. Minimum undergraduate GPA: 3.5 AND minimum years of relevant experience: 2 or more (preference for health-related experience).

Program Outcomes & Placement Data

                                                                                         2016 - 2017 MHSA Graduates
                                                                                              Initial Job Placements

Jodi Ashman Clinical Workflow Analyst & Business Process Re-Engineer Winn Army Hospital, Ft. Stewart, GA
Jose Cruz Administrative Fellowship Mt. Sinai Health System, New York, NY
Erica Droste Senior Credentialing Specialist Memorial Health Partners, Savannah, GA
Ansley Edgar Revenue Integrity Analyst St. Joseph's/Candler Health System, Savannah, GA
Meeta Gandhi Administrative Fellowship Novant Healthcare System, Charlotte, NC
Dominique Johnson         Administrative Resident VA Healthcare System, Fayetteville, NC
Kristen MacLeod Manager, Quality Programs and PCMH Memorial Health University Physicians, Savannah, GA
Liz Parizo Practice Manager Memorial Health University Physicians, Savannah, GA
Ami Patel Database Manager Strategic Healthcare Partners, Savannah, GA
Brittney Phillips Health Data Analyst Coastal Medical Billing, Savannah, GA
George Stewart Medical Records Manager U.S. Air Force, Beale AFB, California

Percentage HC employment - 86%


                                                                                  2015 - 2016 MHSA Graduates and Job Placements

Tyler Barnett Analyst/Project Manager Strategic Healthcare Partners/Merit Health Savannah, GA
Samuel Brannen Financial Analyst Memorial Health University Medical Center Savannah, GA
Ambra Brown Clinical Liaison Select Specialty Hospital Savannah, GA
Chelsea Colleran Contracting and Network Coordinator Memorial Health University Medical Center Savannah, GA
Kasey Houghton Radiologic Technologist St. Joseph's/Candler Health System Savannah, GA
RJ Jones Office Manager Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialists Savannah, GA
Rosa Pastran Administrative Resident St. Joseph's/Candler Health System Savannah, GA
Shinal Patel Contract Associate Strategic Healthcare Partners/Merit Health Savannah, GA

Percentage HC Employment: 86%


                                                                                2014 - 2015 MHSA Graduates and Job Placements



Kelly Doyle Practice Manager Thrive Obstetrics/Gynecology Savannah, GA
Natalie Edgeworth Financial Analyst Memorial University Medical Center Savannah, GA
Mohamed Ghaleb Project Director UNHCR Cairo, Egypt
Jessica Green Operations Manager Optim Orthopedics Savannah, GA
Michelle Horne Operations Analyst Emory Brain Health Center Atlanta, GA
Lauren Perry Practice Administrator Savannah Plastic Surgery Savannah, GA
Juanita Pratt Medical Director/Data Analyst Diabetic Research Institute Nassau, Bahamas
Jessica Rozier HR Specialist VA Long Beach Healthcare System Long Beach, CA
Rosa Smith HDMS Financial Analyst Allliant Insurance Services Atlanta, GA
Crystal White Administrative Resident McLeod Health System Florence, SC

Percentage HC employment - 90%

3 year program completion percentage - 81.3%

MHSA Mission

The MHSA program at Armstrong State University prepares a highly qualified, diverse group of students for increasingly responsible leadership roles in health services administration across the continuum of the health services industry.

MHSA Vision

The MHSA program will become a leading provider of graduate health services administration education within the state of Georgia and serve as a regional resource for community and professional development and applied research and scholarships.

MHSA Core Values

The MHSA program values the following:

  • Educational integrity and innovation
  • Community engagement
  • Diversity
  • Continuous program improvement
  • Student-centered educational programming

Accreditation Information

Accredited by CAHME. The objective of the Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) degree is to provide the student with mastery of the knowledge and skills for the effective administration of health service organizations across the continuum of care. Specifically, the student will understand the basic organizational, financial, legal and managerial components of health services as they relate to a dynamic and evolving health care delivery system.


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