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LLP: Majors and Programs

BA English

We have over 300 English majors at Armstrong, and if you were to ask students why they were majoring in English, you might get 300 different answers. The fact is that an English degree is a passport to just about any career opportunity that you desire.

BA Professional Communications

Professional Communications students experience small classes and high-tech classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment and software.

BA Spanish

While earning a B.A. in Spanish, students have opportunities to take courses in conversation, culture, history and literature.

BA French (Online)

Complete a bachelor degree in French entirely online. (Please note: program is currently being revised.)

BLS in Liberal Studies - Philosophy Track

Strike the perfect balance between the vastness of a liberal arts degree and the specificity of an individual major with the BLS in Liberal Studies-Philosophy Track. Study famous philosophers and become one yourself by applying the principles of philosophy to every other area of your liberal studies curriculum.

Undergraduate Minors

A minor shows that you have studied a subject in some depth and will accordingly have some expertise in that discipline. For instance an English major might opt to minor in Philosophy, French or Linguistics.

Latin American Studies Certificate

The Latin American Studies Certificate provides an in-depth study of Latin America and its relationship with the United States and other countries. The course of study is designed to be interdisciplinary and complementary to existing undergraduate programs. Our instructors may tailor relevant classes to count in this curriculum, provided that at least 25 percent of your coursework addresses issues related to Latin America.