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History: Bachelor of Arts in History

General Information

The Department of History offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in History that prepares graduates for entry-employment in areas such as government, public or community service and business, as well as post-graduate work in history and professional programs. The curriculum in public history also prepares graduates for post-graduate study and entry-level employment in the nonprofit sector and various cultural enterprises. A minor in history offers students the opportunity to strengthen their research and writing skills and to better understand the development and functioning of modern society.

Honors Requirements

Completion of an undergraduate research paper or project approved by the department. Such projects could be, but are not limited to, the product of HIST 4990 (Senior Thesis), an edited and expanded capstone paper from HIST 4020 or 4030 (Research Seminars) or a project approved by the department. See department for policies and application. With distinction awarded for completion of HIST 4990 (Senior Thesis) with a grade of A.

Special Requirements

Students who major in history are required to complete 9 credit hours of, or demonstrate proficiency in, a foreign language sequence offered by the university through the second intermediate level. Students with a double major in which computer science is a language choice may substitute computer science for a foreign language requirement for history. Students should begin their language sequence as soon as possible and certainly not later than their junior year. Students should carefully plan their programs of study in consultation with a faculty advisor. Students who change majors or transfer may find it necessary to enroll beyond the traditional eight semesters if the degree requirements, including foreign language, cannot be fulfilled within that time.

Progress Requirements

Completion of the major requires students to complete the major field courses, except those taken as electives, with a grade of C or better. All minors also require a C or better in each course.