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Gender Studies

The Gender Studies program at Armstrong offers an exciting opportunity to join a dedicated community that combines intellectual inquiry with social action. Our classes span the university, giving you a broad base of knowledge while also deepening your expertise in an area of your choice. Our program is interdisciplinary, so you can take courses in literature, history, sociology, psychology, ethics and philosophy, communications, public health and nursing, in addition to your core classes.  Our faculty members are renowned and respected in their fields, and we advise and work closely with each student, giving you an individualized program to suit your specific needs.

Gender Studies students pursue diverse careers in fields such as: law, public policy, international relations, social work, psychology, healthcare, nongovernmental organizations and/or nonprofits, education, journalism and more. Our classes offer a critical examination of how gender, as well as race, class, nationality, sexual orientation and religion are interconnected aspects of how we come to know ourselves, our culture and our world. We examine social and private institutions, such as the family, and explore patterns of power, language and oppression as we seek to end discrimination of all kinds. 

The Gender Studies program at Armstrong offers a diverse, deep and highly personalized college experience, and we are the only program in the region to offer a degree in GNST.

We welcome all!