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Education CEED: M.Ed. in Reading Specialist Education

Advanced Certification

Program Features

The Master of Education in Reading Specialist Education (MED-RSE) program provides an in-depth study of the teaching of reading and writing to students in all grades. It is geared to the new Common Core Georgia Performance Standards that emphasize literacy skills across content areas. Studies show that teaching reading improves the learning of writing and teaching writing improves the learning of reading.

The program is aligned with the International Literacy Association (ILA) Standards for Reading Professionals, Revised, as well as the Standards for Literacy Coaches.

Program Outcomes

The program is designed to develop highly skilled reading specialists who:

Courses & Requirements

The program of study consists of 11 online courses totaling 34 semester hours in a cohort format.  This means all candidates will start the program at the same time, take the same designated courses each semester and complete the program at the same time. Please see the course rotation schedule for semester specific details.

The academic requirements and application checklist for program admission can be located by viewing the Application Information. Additional information regarding this program's Standards of Progression and Graduation of the graduate catalog.

Reading Endorsement

When you complete this program, you will also earn a reading endorsement that can be added to your teaching certificate.  If you already completed the reading endorsement coursework at Armstrong, you can have the three courses count toward this degree.  If you completed a reading endorsement elsewhere, you may be able to transfer two courses (six semester hours) toward the MED-RSE degree.


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