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Education CEED: Courses & Requirements M. Ed. in Special Education

Course Credit Hours
Professional Core
FOUN 7060 - Education Research 3
Specialized Content
EEXE 7507 - Characteristics of Students/Young Adults with Multiple and Severe Disabilities 3
EEXE 7508 - Strategies for Teaching Children with Multiple and Severe Disabilities 3
EEXE 7512 - Augm. and Alt. Comm. for Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities 3
EEXE 7020 - Methods and Strategies for Teaching Students with Autism 3
EEXE 7319 - Career Development and Transition 3
EEXE 7320 - Vocational Assessment of Special Education Students 3
EEXE 7321 - Interagency Planning and Service for Transition to Adulthood* 3
EEXE 7322 - Community Based Instruction* 3
Capstone Courses
EEXE 7510 - Assistive Technology for Students with Physical and Sensory Disabilities 3
EEXE 7071 - Research Project* 3
Total: 33 

*Indicates a prerequisite or corequisite course required


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