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Economics: Student Resources

The Economics department offers a variety of opportunities and resources to help our students have a successful and meaningful academic experience at Armstrong. In addition to the topics covered below, please explore the links at left to learn more about our course offeringsscholarship and internship opportunities as well as exciting extra-curricular opportunities for learning and personal engagement in economics research.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad is an integral part of the Economics Department's program. A trip abroad is required for all students working on the International Track of the program.

Students may contact the Economics Department at 912.344.2539 with questions.


To graduate with departmental honors in Economics, the student must complete a senior research project with satisfactory written and oral reports (as judged by a committee of faculty) and must have an economics grade point average of at least 3.5.

Annual Monica Lewis Economics Competition

Each year, the Economics department hosts the Monica Lewis Economics Competition. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lewis have provided both the motivation and financial support for this competition.  Mr. Lewis is an Armstrong and Economics department alumnus and also a member of the Economics department's advisory board. The Competition is in honor of Monica Lewis, his sister, and is intended to give students another opportunity to grow, and to build a solid foundation for their adult lives.

Student teams will have the opportunity to compete from a prize pool up to $7500.

For more information, contact: 912.344.2539