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Economics: Majors & Programs

General Economics

The General Economics Track provides a thorough understanding of the economy and prepares students for immediate employment in analytically demanding professions, as well as graduate study in academic and professional programs.

International Economics

The International Economics Track provides a deeper understanding of the international economy, helping graduates compete in a global economy and preparing them for policy and professional programs with an international focus.

Business Economics

The Bachelor of Science in Business Economics blends knowledge of economics with business skills and offers students an option to make their degree unique to their intended career goals by requiring a minor.

Business Economics: Finance Track

The Business Economics Finance Track provides a strong focus in finance and applied economics. It prepares the student for jobs in finance or general business and for graudate study in business.

Business Economics: Marketing Track

The Business Economics Marketing Track places an emphasis on marketing and applied economics. It prepares the student for employment in marketing or general business and for graduate study in business.


The Department of Economics offers several minors designed to offer insight into the field for students majoring in other subjects at Armstrong. Students can minor in Economics or Business, depending upon their interests.